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Heather_Heather on her Travels

– What is the most impressing place in the world you have ever been? What advice would you give to someone who wishes to travel there?

There are so many places that have something to offer to the traveller and each has it’s own charms. Also it depends on your style of travel and whether you don’t mind roughing it a bit or whether you prefer to have a bit of comfort. Of the places I’ve visited since I started writing my blog, I’ve especially enjoyed the following;

Ecuador – to get a taste of South America in a manageable way. Because the country is relatively small you can see the coast, the Andes and the Amazon basin all within a few hours of each other

The Alps around Mont Blanc – for the last couple of years I’ve been walking the Tour de Mont Blanc with a friend bit by bit and although I never thought of myself as a mountain person I was blown away by the magestic Alpine scenery

Greece – because my sister lives on the Greek island of Zakynthos I visit every year and you can’t beat it for a relaxed holiday with beautiful beaches and reliable sunshine.

– What do you hate to forget in your suitcase?

Because of my blogging I tend to travel with more technology than the average traveller, but even if I were to forget my laptop, audio recorder, video camera and mobile I don’t think I could do without a camera to capture everything I see.

Heather_Heather on her Travels

– What would you say to those travellers who are afraid to travel on their own, and end up going to a travel agency even if they do not like taking part in organized tours?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with booking an organised tour – it works for many people who are pressed for time and don’t want any stress when they travel. However I would recommend that if this is the route you go, that you choose a specialist company that knows their field and tries to provide a great experience for their customers, perhaps including more unusual or authentic things to do in the tour.

If you are an independent traveller who has no-one to travel with, then I would choose your accommodation carefully – for instance small family run hotels or bed & breakfasts can give you a more personal welcome than larger chain hotels. You might also consider organisations such as couch-surfing or hospitality club where you have the benefit of a friendly host to give you local advice and hostels are always great for making connections with other travellers whatever your age and many have private rooms.

– What kind of food have you tried on your travels and you found it delicious/surprising? Can you recommend us any place where to try it out?

I love good food and always like to try the local specialities. In Gothenburg I loved the seafood which is outstanding on the West Coast of Sweden – I’d suggest Restaurant Gabriel in the feskekörka fish market. On Guernsey look out for the hedge veg stalls where locals sell their local produce in small stands outside their houses and you leave the money in a box – great if you’re self-catering and need some eggs or new potatoes. I did try fried winged ants in Ecuador once but I’m not sure if I’d recommend it – it was like popcorn without any substance.

Heather_Heather on her Travels

– Finally, tell us something that happened to you travelling and that you will never forget…

I have many magic moments locked away in my memory – such as my first trip on the Tour de Mont Blanc where we stayed in a very basic mountain refuge with one big dorm and no shower and I spent a restless night in close proximity to a man who stank of stale tobacco. In the morning I took my breakfast of French bread and milky coffee onto the terrace and watched the sun come up over the mountain range and light up the peak of Mont Blanc opposite and gradually the valley below came to life. That was one of those magic moments that made the aching legs worthwhile.

Thank you Heather for your time answering the questions and thank you for the advises as a professional traveller.

You can follow their adventures at their blog: Heather on her travels

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