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Chez Marianne, rue des Hospitalieres 2

Famous among Parisians and tourists increasingly being in the fashion district of Le Marais, Chez Marianne triumphs for its easy formula: the assiettes composées. Assortments where you can choose 4, 5 or 6 choices from 15 different of which I recommend the following (depending on number of assortment will cost the plate 13, 15 or 17 € but with 4 you will have enough, and if you like any particular can always repeat):

Beldi Thon (tuna with mayonnaise)
Kefta (fried meat balls)
Tuna and potato Brick

We serve them in small portions on one plate. Pray bread to accompany them. The pita is 1 € and the other 2, but we recommend you try them all, or at least the onion and bagel.

The house wine, tagged curious, is not bad and for the price (11 €). As in most places in Paris, you do better coffee elsewhere. But the dessert yes you can do it here: the chocolate gateau (€ 5) is rich and full table eat a single dish.

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The Renaissance, Arnaud Delmontel, rue des Martyrs 39

Arnaud Delmontel

Not for nothing have won awards for best croissant in Paris, the best baguette, etc … But the best reward is to ask who you ask, in all ranks, in all lists, always ends up appearing Delmontel Arnaud. In our list also appear and the first of all. Great croissant, flavored butter point but only just, crunchy but soft and fleshy above, nothing to eat air! The pain au chocolat is also first and you may have or not hungry, buy you a baguette, normal or traditional, single or sandwich (beware that the ham and cheese is Emmentaler), but compradla and probadla!

I end up hurting your jaw to chew! Not used to eating real bread! With taste, consistent, crisp, … should call it something else because this is not the bread that we sell in our bakeries …

Croissant € 1.15
Pain choc € 1.30
Sandwich € 4.50

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Bagelstein, rue Saint Lazare 8

You still do not understand how home might not have become fashionable bagels sites. In Paris and around the world, it is difficult to find a small bagel shop. The best are usually the ones that have that look of unvarnished wood, like a last century boulangerie. Bagelstein is but they also have a historical backdrop with covers of Paris Match, Life and others (Lady Di, Steve Jobs, Woody Allen, etc.) and a curious pedigree of the figurative (or not) family that owns the property.

In any case have all combinations of bagels from € 2.20 to € 7, with the guarantee that serve no more than 500 bagels a day per person … Just have passed but the Leontine (salmon with creme cheese and onion) or Henriette (tuna mousse with tomato and cheese) are to repeat.

However, to the cafes have no limit and no wonder because it is so worth it. So what we recommend it only to catch the bagel and keep walking.

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Romano, 11 rue de Marbeuf

Relais de l’Entrecote, rue de Marbeuf 15

None. If you are on the Champs Elysees and blind you choose a restaurant it’s likely to be a “tourist trap”. Between fast food and brasseries for tourists, there is no room for a decent restaurant. It is best you go down a little to the Alma Bridge and go near the rue de Marbeuf. They have several options, usually high price and the closer to the big avenues, more full of tourists

If you will not give many turns to the head and you have wanted a good pizza sitting in a nice place, go to the restaurant Romano. Among so much on offer if you want to hear French in the tables, Italian in the kitchen and that the account does not rise too this is the best option. It seems pretentious (and probably is) but do not be scared. Sit quietly and you shall take a good pizza. Dishes range from 13-20 € but with one head shall go well. The bread that I will try it with grated cheese on the table, a great combination! To drink the bottle of house wine is a Valpolicella, good flavor but a bit watery. The pint I will to 13.50 €, so for two euros best Valpolicella ask the letter. And if you have the body to prefer a pizza and pasta, a great option is the cocktail with three types of pasta and three different sauces: tomato, pesto and three cheeses.

Now if you want to taste a good entrecote, with chips to burst, right next to the Roman, have the Relais de l’Entrecote. To choose you have it easy because it is unique plate: for € 25.80 shall take his famous entrecote bearnaise rooms, with a small side salad and chips brought slowly like meat, so it does not cool. If you have not ever had, you can not miss the occasion. Although in some ways is a copy of the famous Café de Paris, eventually almost has become more famous than the original Geneva.

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L’Esperance, rue Université 36 (corner of rue de Beaune)

On leaving the Museum d’Orsay, where lunchtime, most likely fall into one of the “tourist traps” that surround the entire area. But if you go down a street and you should turn down the rue Université, in five minutes you can reach the coffee L’Esperance, a place to say it is easy to meet with journalists and politicians who work nearby. On this I can not say if it’s true or not, but what is certain is that you will eat well, quick and cheap for Paris.

If you’re hungry you can ask the formula noon: for € 14.50 have an entry and a main course or a main course and a dessert. But in reality with a single dish have more than enough. The steak and fries or rotate poulet (roast chicken) both for € 11.50 are safe, but for the same price we recommend the Blanquette of veu (veal with mushroom white sauce), soft and delicious. And ask with chips which, although frozen, are those just as much as I have so many that are out of the dish. Or even a good place to try the traditional croque monsieur (ham sandwich with melted cheese, croque madame if you will with a fried egg above) for 8 €.

If you ask the formula noon combinéis better than with dessert. The chocolate mousse or apple sauce, if not it seem homemade.

Attention that close on the weekends! The best proof that there is a place for tourists … To conclude, if you want to keep a good memory, do not enter the bathroom. Not everything could be perfect …

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Brocéliande Creperie, 15 rue des 3 Frères

It is impossible for anyone to have tried all the multitude of restaurants on the streets going up to Montmartre. So it is impossible to know what the best of them all. But after going to a few and asking where we are left with the little creperie Broceliande.

The find walking up the rue Dancourt, when broken down into two left at the rue des 3 Frères. Pancakes as such are sweet and dessert, but are their specialty crepes and galettes call.

From € 8 to 14 the have of all types, although they are often more in all tables are Paris (lovely with mushrooms) or Catalan. And if you like the raclette ask the same, a crepe with cheese and potato and ham on top, although they are more flavorful the above. And for dessert, a classic Nutella pancake!

To drink not forget to try the cider Bolée d’Armonrique, served in cups that will have already served (€ 3 cup). Or else I will ask cider craft beer white or black British (€ 5.50).

And if you fancy a crepe and prefer an Italian, under the lively rue Abbesses, have the ristorante Al Caratello, at 5 rue Audran. Authentic Italian, with waiters pranksters but bearable, small tables and tight as it can not be anything in Montmartre, and most important of all real good pasta dishes at reasonable prices.

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In every corner you will find someone who swears that his croque monsieur is the best of all Paris. In the background is as if someone asked where to make the best bikini or sandwich joint in all of Barcelona. In the corner restaurant. While iron has the “bouquet” of having done thousands of bikinis before, sure gets the smack middle roasting. Well with monsieurs croques comes to the same thing. No bistro that does not have in his letter.

That said, one began to try a few and leaving aside that about tastes there is nothing written let alone when there bechamel by the way, we are left with the following:

The stranger, at least among the tourists, L’esperance on rue Université 36 (below the Musée d’Orsay)

The turistic Colibri in the Place de la Madeleine

The famous Le Comptoir, at the corner of Odeon (le Carrefour d’Odeon), where you can innovate and try the croque-monsieur salmon or chicken.

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Cafe-bakery chain Paul

If you have no clear where breakfast, wherever you are in Paris, it is likely that about your Have a Paul. It is a chain of bakeries that although the word “chain” panic, will not disappoint. Good coffee and better pastries. Even very next to the Lovre there is a small one.

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Julien, 75 rue Saint-Honoré
Arnaud Delmontel, rue des Martyrs 39
Eric Kayser, rue Monge 14

Julien is the overall winner in the ranking of best Paris chocolate bread and if you try it a few can say they do not deserve. I have in the rue Saint-Honoré. But it is not the only one who deserves the laurel of being the best. The pain-au-chocolat Delmontel, as usual, is amazing (this boulangerie-patisserie embroider it all: croissants, baguettes, etc …). Or the Eric Kayser on rue Monge.

In any case, we leave you with the ranking according to Le Figaro in case you want to go from neighborhood to neighborhood trying them!

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Huitrerie Regis, 3 Rue Montfaucon (under the Boulevard Saint Germain)
Oyster Shack, 4 Rue Antoine Bourdelle
Mercerie Mullot, 19 Rue Brea

If you are a love of oysters and like also everything that goes with them: the serve in a bowl of ice, pristine white tablecloths are good champagne and you have to water them, then the Huitrerie Regis id. Just have some table only four and the last time we were still not able to book (one day end up changing …), but if you go early and sit you fast weekday. The dozen oysters ranges from € 15 to 34 €.

However if you want something faster and being at home stopping by Oyster Shack. With its formula 13 oysters for 13 € you can take away the itch. Ideal place for the typical companions never have decided to try them for their appearance that no one dares to describe Non remove the glamor, finally Lanzen to.

Besides, actually in most French restaurants and bistros that are easy oysters, such as the Mercerie Mullot on Rue Brea (22 € a dozen oysters). So Paris will never have an excuse not to order them!

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