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Best time to visit Japan is April to May and October to November.

The summer months are very hot and humid. If you visit in June to August, don’t forget to take an umbrella and a raincoat.

The winter months tend to be cold, with snowfalls in some places. You should therefore take warm clothing.

April, May, October and November are the mildest and clearest months. Although the temperature is good, don’t forget to take something to wrap up in, particularly at night (especially if travelling in November).

Kiyomizudera temple, Kioto, Japan

September is typhoon month and is therefore not a good time to travel to Okinawa, the Izu-shotō and Ogasawara-shotō.

Weather in Japan (climate):

Summer is rainy and wet, with possible typhoons in September. Winter is rather cold with snow. Spring and autumn the mildest periods with the most pleasant temperatures (average 20ºC).

Weather in Tokio


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