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Bar Pink’s Flamingo, c / Onderstraat 55 in Ghent

I look like a street in anyone’s territory, but it is an area right next to the center and very nice to walk around, especially if you get closer to the river and have just crossing the bridge Krommewal. If you cross and you should turn right in Oudburg by Sleepstraat, there you will have a good sample of ethnic restaurants worldwide. But the beer I recommend doing at Pink’s Flamingo. Good atmosphere, locals and cold beer. And if you are hungry, for a few euros (thinking that you are in Belgium), I can take a plate of spaghetti bolognese, of those with Knorr pot flavored sauce and cheese on but end hooking. Not that they are not home, is that the sauces around here have this flavor, and the most famous companies are Dutch ready meals and just make copy …

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