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Casarao Rua da Ilha in Avenida da Praia with Queiroz
Meia peixe frito 19.90 R$ (8 €)
Meia batata frita 11.90 R$ (5 €)
Cerveja garrafa 7 R$ (3 €)

The most homely restaurant in Ilha Grande is the Casarao da Ilha. As in all villages, everytime you see people eating. Or drinking. The speed is not the main value, so if you go hungry best you leave it for another day. So if you stay, do not compliquéis life with no moqueca. Here Take the fried fish (fry it in large pieces and with the same skin) with chips and chuparos fingers.

It is a covered terrace for rainy (usually do in the evening depending on the season), overlooking the central piazza Abraão Village and harbor, but with so many people going forward will cost see the sea.

Casarao da Ilha Grande

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