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Flutuante Bambubar, restaurant in Praia do Pouso

Peixe moqueca for two 70 R $ (28 €)
Lua to doré Petisco 50 R $ (20 €)
Garlic Camarao 80 R $ (32 €)
Peixe fried 35 R $ (14 €)

If you have no tendency to dizzy or if you want to get drunk fast with the caipirinha, the BambuBar is the original restaurant around Ilha Grande. Floating Bar just few meters from the beach, with a small boat will take you up if you want a drink.

The fish is fresh and not overcharge more than other kiosks for the fun of floating, but it is still a bit expensive, in line with many restaurants in Ilha Grande. The problem is that here you will expose less profit because the small reciprocating eventually you may end up getting tired. But yes, the pictures that you will draw will be more Will Teach you around!

Ilha Grande Praia de Pouso

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