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Berliner Republik (Schifferbauerdamm 8)

Any site, this is the answer to the question of which is the best bar, tavern or beergarden to have a beer in Berlin.

But if you also want to go to the original site by the river Spree is the tavern Berliner Republik (Friedrichstraβe off at the station, cross the river and is on the right). A very popular site, where there are politicians and journalists meeting, Berliners and visitors to Berlin castizos to enjoy the traditional Berlin cuisine “home as mothers do.” Curiosity is your “bag of beer”, with 18 types of beer on tap, whose prices are going up or down according to the demand.

If you’re hungry you can try the famous knuckle (€ 11.90) or currywurst (8.50 €), or try their Flammkuchen, a kind of pizza served on a wooden board (8-9 €).

berliner republik

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