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About us

We are Belén and Neo, founders of Way Away. Before we used to work in multinational companies, until we decided to leave everything behind and make our dream come true: travel around the world. 
Since then we haven't stopped travelling and discovering charming little corners of the world. From Maison Antoine where they make the best French fries on earth to the Yaya Turang, a lady who grills the catch that her grandson fishes out in a tiny Indonesian island.

Now our dream is to make it easier for thousands of travellers to go anywhere in the world. For that reason we have started a company which combines authentic travellers' experiences with new technologies. 
Only in this way we can offer our Smart Routes, travel itineraries planned up to the last detail so that you can make the most out of our trip: 
Without losing time when you build it up 
Without the risk to get something wrong 
And saving money when travelling! 

Our routes are not outlandish, neither are they meant to achieve any record. They are simply the best way to get to know the most interesting sites of each destination, in an easy and authentic way, and try the most popular restaurants there.  
Belén & Neo