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Itineraries adapted to the nº of days you have available and planned up to the last detail, so that you only think about enjoying your trip.

When you plan your trip online...

... does finding tons of information but no answers to your questions get on your nerves? Are you unsure which route is the best to take or how to get from one place to the next? Are you worried about missing out on something interesting? Are you exasperated by the never-ending lists of hotels and you don't know which one to pick?

If you don't want to take risks with your trip or lose time visiting hundreds of websites...

... you will love Way Away and its Smart Routes designed by expert travellers

Itineraries adapted to your available nº of days and planned up to the last detail so that you only think about enjoying your trip.

What will you find in Way Away?

Itineraries for a range of days depending on the country:

The best itinerary to visit the city or country of your choice, according toyour available days. Don't miss out on the best places and make the most of your trip!

What to do: visits and activities

Each day we recommend what to do, how to do it and in what order. Don't lose time planning your day! How to get from place to place, how to buy the cheapest tickets and not wait in line, whether hiring a tour guide is worth it or not...

How to get around

Our Smart Routes are designed to make transportation as logical, comfortable and cheap as possible. For each journey we tell you what's the best transportation and where to make the cheapest reservations.

Where to sleep

In each city we will tell you our favourite hotels, tried by our expert travellers and with a perfect balance between location, price and charm. Always with three choices so that you can adapt it to your budget.

Where to eat

We are compulsive seekers of the most authentic restaurants. Throughout the route we will point out the best places to eat at a reasonable price, those which are famous amongst the local people. Forget about tourist traps!

Important things: visa, vaccinations, money...

Everything you need to travel free of problems or risks. How to obtain a visa if necessary, recommended vaccinations, how much local currency to take, types of plugs...

So that you don't forget anything!

Task manager: a datebook with everything you need to do. Check off completed tasks as you design your trip so that nothing slips your mind. You won't forget about a single reservation!

Print it out and enjoy!

Throughout the Smart Route you can write your own comments, paste your reservation information or upload files containing confirmations so that you'll always have them at hand. 

Print it out and enjoy!

At the end print it out and you'll have your own...

... Customised Travel Guide with your Route so that you can print it out and carry it with you!

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Sandra went to Berlin

"It's an extremely interesting city, with so much to see... It's a good thing we had Way Away to make the most of the 4 days we had. The Brunch proposal, a novel touch"

See suggested itinerary for Berlín

Nuria of Barcelona traveled to Seville

"Congratulations! You are such a great help to independent travelers. We have done really well with your route. We have even followed your tapas recommendations and they were terrific! Way Away is 100% recommended."

See suggested itinerary for Sevilla

Joan Prat of Barcelona went to Japan

"Everything went really well. The planner makes an independent trip so much easier, in a country with an unknown language and indechiperable signs. Your guide is really good. Congratulations."

See suggested itinerary for Japón

J.L. Martínez went to Spain

"EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. We were really happy and grateful to you. Your business is a success for your customers. Keep up the good work, anybody who gets to know you will follow your advice."

See suggested itinerary for España

Ignacio F.V.G. of Spain went to Italy

"In this wine cellar advised by you I asked my wife to marry me. The place is a great choice! Thank you."    

See suggested itinerary for Italia

Nora Beretta of Uruguay went to Tuscany

"The hotel and visits suggestions were spectacular. We are very grateful to you because we could enjoy the few days we had very much. Way Away was an excellent investment and I am particularly thankful since we were at ease knowing that we weren't going to miss anything. Highly recommendable. Excellent"


See suggested itinerary for La Toscana

Alfonso Pijuán traveled to China

"It was an amazing trip! and the preparations were so simple, following your instructions. Yangshuo was the best area. I will come back to you for my next trip!"

See suggested itinerary for China

Juan P. Robayna viajó a Japón

"The sensation of making a trip "to adventure", but with the support of the advice of a virtual guide. On the next trip, it'll be our partner again."

See suggested itinerary for Tokio

"Everything went great. I just want to thank you for your guide and congratulate you for your work. Cheers and until the next trip!”

See suggested itinerary for Sevilla

Ana Cubo went to Seville

"Much better than I expected it. Simply GREAT!"

See suggested itinerary for Sevilla

Roser Ripoll traveled to Japan

"Without a doubt the planner has been a great help! I wouldn't have done many things without it! Japan is a superb destination"

See suggested itinerary for Japón

Javier Hernani went to China

"After the bike ride, as we descend the river in the bamboo boat, we witness the photographic report of these bride and groom.
Way-away has been very useful to me in organizing flights, high-speed trains and hotels"


See suggested itinerary for Pekín

Remo of Italy went to Andalusia

"Thanks to your route we haven't missed anything that we ought to have seen. We loved Andalusia, it's an open air museum"

See suggested itinerary for Andalucía

"Un viaje extraordiario... sin Way Away no lo hubiera podido hacer... no habría sabido que hacer en los 10 dias en Argentina... visitamos los sitios más hermosos y paradisíacos”.

See suggested itinerary for Argentina (jul-dic)

Marta traveled to Paris

"Although much has been written about Paris, searching on the Internet how to put the visit together, where to stay, how to move around, etc. got us mixed-up. Way Away made everything really easy"

See suggested itinerary for París

Anna B. from Barcelona traveled to Australia

"Australia is spectacular. It can be hard to plan a trip to such a far-away place, but with Way Away it was very easy to do and we saw beautiful places. When I saw your route's photos I imagined something spectacular and that was it. Highly recommendable, your Australia route!"

See suggested itinerary for Australia (jun-sep)

"We are super pleased with Way Away’s Brazil route! We didn’t know you before. We had the itinerary planned and saw that yours looked like ours so we used it as a guide, for restaurants, planning days, etc. It was an amazing experience!”

See suggested itinerary for Brasil (oct-mar)

Luis Furio went to China

"Truth is, your help is amazing, be it about places, restaurants, accommodation. In general I'm really happy with your planner, you don't leave one little detail out. It's great traveling like this. I'm so happy I ended up finding you and I won't hesitate to turn to you again for my next trip. A big hug! And I leave you here a cool pic from my trip to China. Ciao"


See suggested itinerary for China

J. Naranjo traveled to Italy

"Even the places to have ice-cream in Rome, and to have empanadas in Milan, we followed literally everything. Thank you very much. Your guide is a success!!!"

See suggested itinerary for La Toscana

Fernando and Daniel went to Italy

"We had a wonderful trip and largely thanks to you. We wouldn't have known how to combine so many places. It was very easy to follow your instructions, the recommended restaurants were all great and the hotels, specially two rural ones in Toscana, were fantastic. Without a doubt we will keep using your guides"


See suggested itinerary for Italia

Luis Furio went to China

"We are 2 friends who wanted to travel to China on our own but didn't know where to start planning the trip. We found your website and it went great. Very well explained, hotels, transportation, visits... We had a great time and we have seen a lot of places with the 14-day route through China. Very recommendable!"

See suggested itinerary for China

M Carmen Moreno went to Argentina

"The trip has been great and the guide has helped us so much, especially in Buenos Aires."

See suggested itinerary for Buenos Aires

Sara Vallés went to Thailand

"Thank you for all the help with your application. Recommendations super good. And everything was very well explained. It is super useful for those of us who ventured to make the journey by ourselves. We are already thinking of the following"

See suggested itinerary for Tailandia y Camboya

Ángels Caba traveled to Japan

"It really helped us to plan our itinerary... People there were so helpful. Really good advice to go to a Ryokan, it was a great experience. I have already recommended your services to all our friends who wish to travel to Japan. Your trip is very complete and it doesn't miss any details. Of course, when I travel somewhere else I will definitely check if you guys have planned for it. Until the next one!"

See suggested itinerary for Japón

Noemí went to Norway

"My experience in Norway was great. It's an awesome country. It's also super expensive but thanks to you I saved a lot of money. The excursions you proposed were perfect. Unforgettable landscapes. I recommend you"

See suggested itinerary for Noruega

Esther of Spain traveled to Rome

"I was overwhelmed preparing my trip over the internet and found Way Away... in the blink of an eye I had the whole route prepared. It was essential because I didn't miss anything that was worth visiting in Rome. When I travel again I won't hesitate to usit again."

See suggested itinerary for Roma

Carlota went to Cuba

"I didn't know how to organise a celebratory family trip and I believe my solution has been Way Away. Otherwise this trip would have made me fall into disripute as a mother!

See suggested itinerary for La Habana

Mercè and Xavier Sivil went to Fernando de Noronha

"The recommendations of Way Away helped us to decide a itinerary which made us live an unforgetable experiencies. Thanks to them our honeymoon was exotic, wild, different and above all absolutely authentic. It was real adventure!!!"

See suggested itinerary for Fernando de Noronha

Inés and Ricky traveled to Japan

"We were short of time to prepare the trip to Japan. Besides we were afraid to miss something interesting if we planned it ourselves. How would you know where to book the best Ryokans. Or which Japan Rail Pass to take! With Way Away's Smart Route we had it all set up in no time and it was amazing. Next one, China!"

See suggested itinerary for Japón

Marcos traveled to San Sebastian and Bilbao

"I wanted to see these two cities in the long weekend I had available and it wouldn't have been feasible without Way Away's help. I made the most out of my visit. And I fell in love with the Basque country and its cuisine"

See suggested itinerary for San Sebastián y Bilbao

Francisco went to Japan

"Our experiences with the Way Away trip guide were excellent. It took us by the hand and we could make the best use of our time while enjoying every move, lodging, visit and food thanks to your instructions. We maximized our time and resources in each one. I fully recommend it"

See suggested itinerary for Tokio

Gerardo Armentia traveled to Italy

"Everything was great, the hotel a real charm. Just one of the recommended restaurants didn't seem to be of the mentioned quality but it wasn't bad either.. maybe it's just that the others were exceptional... In general you can tell that all recommendations come from a traveler's experience. For sure we will consult you for our next trips"

See suggested itinerary for Venecia

Eva Torrens went to Japan

""Thanks Way Away for tour tips! We spent 11 days in Japan doing your route. It was great! Wonderful. App for Travelers""

See suggested itinerary for Tokio

Martín González of Barcelona went to Japan

"I turned to Way Away because I didn't have time to study a complete travel guide like Lonely Planet and make a route for the days we had available. Without Way Away it would have been impossible to organise everything in 2 afternoons like I did."

See suggested itinerary for Japón

Iban Gómez of Spain traveled to Australia

"I'm very very happy with Way Away. The trip planning has been great and everything went as we had prepared it. Great" 

See suggested itinerary for Australia (jun-sep)

Isabel went to Japan

"I have just arrived from my trip to Argentina and I simply write to thank you for the good recommendations of your website. In fact, I printed all your itinerary and ignored our other guides to follow your indications. Congratulations on your project. Regards"

See suggested itinerary for Argentina (ene-jun)

Juana went to Santiago de Compostela

"Cities with charm; this is one of them. Hand in hand with Way Away we explored its nooks and crannies, its old squares, its cuisine. Actually the Galician octopus recommendation was superb. We will count on you again for our trips"

See suggested itinerary for Santiago de Compostela

Jesús Catania of Spain traveled to Brazil

"The guide has been amazing and without it I wouldn't had been able to organise my trip, which turned out great. Congratulations. Everything has been perfect thanks to you, we have enjoyed it so much. Your advice on restaurants, hotels, excursions and lengths of stay always hit the mark. Thank you very much"

See suggested itinerary for Brasil (jun-sep)

Sandra went to Thailand

"Incredible would be the definition I would use for the guide. Specially how it explains to get to the different sites. It's great"

See suggested itinerary for Tailandia y Camboya

Antonio Clemente went to Amsterdam

"As usual, everything in the route has been great!! Specially the good restaurant recommendations!! We will come back to you for sure!"

See suggested itinerary for Amsterdam

Monica Saiz went to Amsterdam

"Very complete and it's very easy to locate all the sites with your instructions. Were were delighted by your recommendations, itineraries and everything else. Without a doubt I will make my trip again with you"

See suggested itinerary for Amsterdam

Laura T. of Buenos Aires went to London

"The trip was wonderful and your planner Cum Laude. It's one of the best things I've done, to buy it. Everything was perfectly well-explained and just like you said. All the recommended places to eat were great".

See suggested itinerary for Londres (2a vez)

Sandra went to Thailand

"I recommend all Way Away because according to the days you have scheduled in the destination they fit the best places to go. I went to Thailand with his guide and the truth was that it gave me time to see everything I put in the guide and enjoy it to the fullest. I recommend them! Photo of the Unicorn Café in Bangkok"

See suggested itinerary for Tailandia y Camboya

Sandra Yurani of Spain traveled to London

"I liked Way Away so much, I even walked more than it was suggested but actually it's great. I'm sure I will use it again to get to know another big city in the next opportunity I get"

See suggested itinerary for Londres (1a vez)

Irene and Dani went to Italy on their honeymoon

"We would like to thank you again for making our lives easier and for how great everything went thanks to your recommendations. We were on our honeymoon and we couldn’t have been happier. We will turn to you again!”

See suggested itinerary for Italia

Antonio Clemente of Spain went to Japan and Australia

"Thank you so much for your help to plan my trip to Japan. Just as it happened with our honeymoon to Australia, it was like traveling with you next to us, making everything so much easier"

See suggested itinerary for Australia (jun-sep)

Laura of Barcelona traveled to Madrid

"Excellent advice on how to move around in Madrid and for visiting its museums. We also loved the night-life recommendations. Thank you Way Away!"

See suggested itinerary for Madrid

Belén Díaz traveled to Japan

"We changed some things from the planning to adjust them to our touristic rythm and what we liked but the guide was extremely useful. We will count on Way Away for our next trips without a doubt."

See suggested itinerary for Japón

Elena Almiñana went to Japan

"You made my trip to Japan so much easier, everything was perfect: trains, hotels, recommendations. It was the first time I tried it and it has been great"

See suggested itinerary for Japón

Albertina went to China

"I am Paul and FAN 100% yours! Last year we travelled with your route to China and we flipped out! Incredible everything and perfectly detailed! We do not stop recommending the route and the blog to all travelers we met and we talked about the web and how easy it was! Thank you very much for all that you do and how wonderful it is to transmit trips, that you do it in luxury!"


See suggested itinerary for Pekín