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Next we answer our users' most frequently asked questions. 

In any case, we suggest you take a look at How it Works in order to see how to use our Smart Routes. In a moment you will see how much time and money you can save when designing your trip.

How I can be sure Way Away’s Smart Routes© will really be useful?

  • Do you get exasperated when you're looking for a hotel on the Internet and an endless list appears on the screen?
  • When planning a trip, do you worry about missing out on something interesting or doing things that aren't worth it?
  • When searching on the Internet, do you get frustrated when you see a thousand ads and stories but never the answer you need?  
  • When making a hotel reservation, do you wonder if you might find a cheaper option on a different web page?
  • When you get to a place, do you hate not knowing where to have a dinner in a truly local restaurant?
  • Are there countries where you're not sure if you can travel on your own and you end up using a travel agency, even though you don't really want to?
  • Does staying in bad hotels, going on boring day trips, eating in touristy restaurants and paying more than it's worth get under your skin?
  • Are you fed up with lugging a thick travel guide around with you everywhere you go? One that contains everything but clear and direct recommendations?
  • When you take a taxi or make reservations for an excursion, are you afraid you're being swindled regarding the price?
If you're fed up with all this, then you're going to love our Smart Routes©!!!

Check out the comments of people who have already designed their trips using Way Away's Smart Routes©.

Why will I save time and money with Way Away?

Designing a trip on your own requires an enormous amount of time. First you have to decide which travel route is best for a given number of days. Then you have to find out the best way to get from place to place. After that you have to figure out which hotel is more convenient and where to book it at the best rate. Ditto with means of transportation, restaurants and day trips or visits. And finally, when travelling, each morning you have to decide how to organize your day, what's worth seeing and how to get from one place to another. 

Way Away takes care of all of this for you! With our Smart Routes© and the geolocated maps on your cell phone or app, you will not lose another second to know what to do and how to get there.  

Why will we save money with Way Away?

Money? If you design your trip by yourself on the Internet or with a travel guide, you'll always run the risk of misjudging the cost. What's more, you'll never be sure if you've booked the cheapest hotel, flight, etc. (for example, you can find the same hotel on different webpages listed at different rates). Finally, once you're in the country, if you need to take a taxi, go sightseeing, hire an excursion company, etc., you'll never know whether you're being scammed and you could have paid less.

If you travel with an agency you'll be paying their commission, which can be up to 10% or 15% of the cost of the trip. Of course they earn that with their work, but with Way Away's help and by making the reservations yourself, think about all the money you'll be saving!   

At Way Away we're expert travellers, so we know where to make all reservations at the best prices. We also are continuously looking for the cheapest web sites for every reservation you have to make. Keep in mind that the web pages with the best rates for hotels and flights differ depending on the country or even the city. In China, for example, rates can be twice as much on one web page as on another!

What is a Smart Route?

Once you access the Smart Route of the country you want to travel, you'll see how fast and straight-forward is to organize your trip. The Smart Routes are itineraries prepared by our expert travellers, adapted to the nº of days you have available and planned up to the last detail, so that you only think about enjoying your trip.  

You can find more information about how the Smart Route works in the section "Our service".

What you’ll find in the Smart Routes:

Routes designed according to your available number of days. For each route you'll find:
  • How to get from one city to another
  • Detailed daily itinerary
  • Authentic restaurants indicated along the travel route
  • Recommended hotels for each city, according to a combination of price, location and charm (and with three price levels, so that you always have an option suited to your budget)
  • The best websites to book everything at the best possible price
  • Visas, vaccinations, currency... everything you need to know so that your trip is perfect (but without going on and on, we don't want you to lose time)
  • Space to upload your own comments and files with your bookings information. Thus you can get them from anywhere in the world. 
  • Task checklist so that you don't forget anything.
  • Personalized trip guide with your Route ready to print out
  • App with geolocated maps so that you don't get lost anywhere

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What does Way Away do?

Way Away helps you to plan an authentic trip:

1. Easier than ever
2. Without the risk of getting something wrong
3. And paying the lowest price possible for any reservation you have to make

Way Away is based on routes adapted to the number of days you want to travel. For each route and destination we give you everything you need so that your trip is perfect and you don't have to worry about anything:

  1. How to get to the country
  2. How to get from place to place
  3. Recommended hotel for each place
  4. What's worth seeing
  5. Which restaurants are the most authentic throughout the route
  6. In each case, we provide the best links so that you can make reservations yourself at the lowest rates available
  7. You'll be able to include comments, reminders and upload files to have them always at hand
  8. Maps with the suggested visits 
  9. App with geolocated maps in your cell phone or tablet so that you never get lost
  10. Print the detailed route on PDF.

With our recommendations, you save time, money and worries!

How does Way Away work?

Check out this tutorial to see how our Smart Routes work. 

In any case, it is very intuitive. Select the destination where you want to travel, the number of days you have available and you'll see an overview of the Route we recommend. If you access to the Detailed Smart Route you'll be able to see day by day all details of the itinerary. And we'll also tell you if you have to book a hotel or some mode of transportation. 

So that it's easier to plan your trip you have the Task Manager, with reminders for every task or booking you have to complete to make your trip perfect. You will be able to tick off the completed tasks, save your own comments if you need to remind yourself of something and also upload files with e.g. your booking information.

Finally, when you leave for your trip, print out your route and you'll have all this information at hand. You can also download our App to your cell phone or tablet and there you'll have your route will all our different recommendations (visits, hotels, restaurants, stops and other transport data), marked on a geolocated map.

What do you mean my trip will be “authentic” if I design it with Way Away?

Our routes are not alternative or strange. They simply reflect what we like to see and do when we visit a country we don't know in the most authentic way possible, avoiding typical tourist traps.

For example, the restaurants we recommend are places where you'll find more locals than tourists, yet always along the proposed route in areas worth visiting, on charming streets and in lovely neighbourhoods.

What does Way Away base its recommendations on?

Our recommendations are based EXCLUSIVELY on trips that Way Away's team of expert travellers have taken themselves (unlike most guides and web pages, which subcontract people or simply copy information from other sources).



We've visited more than 50 countries, and many of them several times. When we're preparing a trip, the first thing we do is research hundreds of sources (books, travel guides, locals, tourists who've been to the country before, etc.). Afterwards we travel all around the country, trying out several hotels, restaurants, visits, excursions, etc. In the end, we make a selection based on our knowledge and experience, which is what we make available to you via our Smart Routes©. 

Can I add days to or take days away from a Smart Route©?

For each destination we have Smart Routes© that runs for a certain range of days. Inside the Smart Route you'll be able to change the number of days of the route, and then the itinerary will be readjusted according to our experts' recommendations.

If you want to stay in a certain place for more or less days than the ones we recommend but without changing the route's length, there's no problem. Just bear in mind you have to manage that outside of the Smart Route.

Can I change the order of the days in the Smart Route?

No. The order of the Smart Route is planned to minimize the time and/or cost of transportation from one place to the next. If the order of days could be changed, the combinations would be endless and we couldn't guarantee you that everything will work out perfectly. 

This doesn't exclude the fact that many travellers use our itinerary as a reference and then adapt it to their needs, saving a good deal of "work" in this way! 

Can I add or take away destinations inside the Smart Route?

The Smart Routes cannot be modified because then there would be thousands of possible combinations and we wouldn't be able to guarantee you a perfect trip. This is actually Way Away's value: to select the best possible routes.

In some countries like Argentina, Brazil or Australia we do have different routes according to the time of the year.

Many users adapt our route to their needs and in this way they have most of the 'job' already done! 

How often is the Smart Route© information updated?

The information for our destinations is completely current, given that we have done our 'fieldwork' very recently. Besides, we are continuously revising the information to make sure it remains up-to-date.

Still, however, sometimes you may find that some restaurant might have closed or that prices have gone up (in Argentina for instance inflation can be up to 100% in one year, therefore it's impossible for prices to be always accurate). In these cases our own users help us out to keep the information updated.

Consider that when you buy a Travel Guide such as Lonely Planet or Michelin the information contained there is on average 7 years old!!! (guidebooks are updated every few years; they take a year of fieldwork, plus another year editing, plus printing, and on top of that you must add the time it may take for the guide to reach the bookshop's shelf...)

How is Way Away DIFFERENT from a travel guide?

A travel guide is an encyclopaedia: it includes all the information there is about a destination, with endless lists of hotels, restaurants, activities, etc. Yet the catch is, they never tell you which choice is the best. It's you who wastes an enormous amount of time trying to figure out what's best for you. 

Here at Way Away, for each decision you have to make (be it which route to take, what to visit, which is the best way to go from one place to another, which hotel is more convenient, where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner) we always give you clear and straightforward recommendation.

It's simply impossible that the people who write travel guides have tried all the hotels and restaurants they recommend. At Way Away, we only recommend places we've been to ourselves and enjoyed. 

But Way Away is much more than a travel guide because, besides recommending concrete routes, we give you the links where you can book everything at the best possible price.

How is Way Away DIFFERENT from a travel agency?

Way Away doesn't make any reservations. At Way Away, we tell you exactly what you need to make reservations for and where you can do it at the best rates. So, by doing it YOURSELF, you'll save money avoiding agency commissions. 

At Way Away, we don't charge anyone any commission whatsoever, neither the places we recommend, nor the webpages we select where you can make your reservations. This is the only way you can be sure that our recommendations are objective. 

For example: we only recommend hotels selected and tried by us, as opposed to the hotels that offer travel agencies the juiciest commissions. Since we don't charge any commission ourselves, you can also be sure that the web page where we suggest you make the reservation is the cheapest we could find. 

How much does using Way Away’s Smart Routes© cost?

Once you register to access the Smart Route for 4.95€ (cities) or from 9.99€ to 19.99€ (countries), you'll have access to the following functionalities: 

  • Task manager: a diary with everything you have to do. Check off the finished tasks while you're planning your trip and in this way you won't miss anything, or forget any reservations! 
  • Save comments and upload files: throughout the Smart Route you'll be able to write your own comments, paste your reservations' data or upload files with booking confirmations so that you always have them at hand.
  • Insert your travel dates: enter your travel dates and in this way you will know at all times on which dates you have to make each reservation. 
  • Print your travel route in PDF
  • Download the route on your mobile phone with offline geolocalized maps

In Way Away we don't charge comissions to any hotels, restaurants, sights, etc. neither do we publicize any of them. Only in this way you can be sure that our recommendations are objective. This small economic contribution allows us to keep the planners updated and also to launch new destinations.  

Where can I get Way Away's app?

Way Away's app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

Download it for free on your smart phone or tablet at the App Store or at Google Play. In order to access one of our itineraries, you need to pay for it in advance.