Plan your trip with our itineraries

How it works

1. Choose the destination you want to travel to and the number of days you have available. Click on "See itinerary" and it will show you our "Suggested itinerary" for that number of days.

2. If you like it, access to the "Smart Route".

3. The first thing you'll see is an overview of the itinerary we propose for your available days.

4. You can change the number of days of your itinerary in the selector located on the top right-hand side.

5. In the panel to the left, under the itinerary overview you will find the detailed itinerary for each of the days.

6. In the tab "Detailed Route" you will find your daily itinerary, with information about the visits to do, how to get from one place to the other and where to eat.

7. If that day you need to go from one place to another and a reservation is required, in the tab "Transport" you will find all the information about that journey and where to book it at the best price.

8. If it's the first night in a place, in the tab "Hotel" you will find our recommended hotels and where to book them at the best price.

9. If you want, you can put your travel dates and in this way each day's tabs will become personalised. This is very useful for when you're making reservations.

10. On the right-hand side menu you will find all the tasks to do for planning the day that you're visualising. You can check them off once you have done them. 

11. And down to the left you will find the task manager with all the tasks of your trip. Here you can check them off once you've finished them, save comments and even upload files.

12. In the top menu you will find useful information for your trip: How to get to the destination, How to move around, Where to sleep.  

13. Also in the top menu you will find practical information about your destination (for example, if you need a visa, what language is spoken, what type of plugs they use).

14. Once you've finished planning your trip and start travelling you can print out your personalised guide or download it to your mobile phone so that it goes with you during the whole trip! These two functionalities have a small price, which helps us maintain and update the website and the app as well as expand the number of destinations.