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Terraijse, Genthof street, Bruges

Out of all the hubbub of foreigners, next to one of the channels, with a simple but nice terrace, overlooking the river and surrounded by worthwhile streets, or that it’s for a moment what it must be Bruges before tourists smash it, find the restaurant Terraijse.

With more than 45 different beers for choosing not be. While dining, we recommend one of their dishes: the Waterzool. A sort of soup with cream base that can be with chicken or fish. I know that sounds horrible and man is the best Iberian ham but atreveros more than one dip bread. I will go for 16 € (if there are two ask you just one dish, cutting more and more that you will have leftovers). And if not, have it all: lasagna with meat or fish, shrimp croquettes, omelets, …

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One day in Bruges is more than enough. Train from Brussels (the Way Away trip planner will tell you where and how to take it) or even from Ghent and, then return to Brussels (our trip planner will also tell you where to leave your luggage while walking around Bruges).

Therefore, no need to give you an endless list of bars and restaurants … To start and if you are hungry, on the way from the station to the center of Bruges you will pass by an outdoors flea market. There you can take a hot dog (€ 3) or a cheeseburger (4 €), the latter scrumptious … Coming from the station and entering the market, try the first stall you find.

For lunch, I definitely recommend the Terrasjte (see post), outside the “touristic circuit” and with a terrace overlooking the canal. If you do not fancy walking there or prefer to fill your belly with a pasta dish, we give you two good options:

– La Cantina, in Philipstock-Straat with Wapenmakers Straat, Italian restaurant for tourists but somehow disguised, with pasta and risottos of all types from 9 € and 32-inch pizzas from 8-14 €. Very central and close to Mark.

– And better than La Cantina but placed a little further in a very “cute” street (Academiestraat with Spanjaard Straat), the Attrium. It is frequented by locals and they serve homemade pasta dishes for 8,90 €.

And if you don’t feel like Belgian food but also want something less traditional than a pasta dish, go to Opus Latino Café. It’s hard to recommend Moroccan food in Belgium but at least their terrace is well worth it.

After lunch, if you feel like something sweet, you can try the waffles with chocolate (3.5€) in a small place just between the two central squares, at Breidel street. Or even better, go to Noordznds Straat. There you will find an ice cream parlor and very close by, the quite  Muntplein square, where you can eat your wafles quietly on a bench. Another alternative is to go to the most famous pastry at Bruges, Servaas Van Mullen, with a more than pleasant terrace.

If it is raining and need shelter, we give two cafeterias:

– De Republiek, in Sint-Jakobsstraat street, with a lovely sunroom

– Or the Rose Reed at Cordoeaniers-Straat, the cafeteria of a hostel, with those tables and antique parquet floors that still creak.

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