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One of the most important things when travelling is to make sure you know something about the local language.

First of all, there is a practical reason to state this. This is because we all need to feel ready to handle an unexpected situation or ask for help to some locals if we need it. Usually, we memorize some common sentences to make us understandable in the languages that are most different from ours. For example, when we went to Japan we carried all the time a little notebook with some Japanese idioms in it to use them in case some local did not understand English. It proved to be very useful, especially when travelling around by public transport!

However, there is also a cultural motive to learn a little bit of the country’s local tongue before travelling: to enjoy your trip better. Language is meant to unite people and express national feelings that may have their origin in historical events. Knowing about a country’s way of speech is necessary to understand its tradition and culture. For instance, there are some words in each language that are impossible to translate and that can tell a lot about the people that use them.


This topic came up when we visited Paris and we met some local friends. They explained us the meaning of some French words they were unable to translate directly. This is the case of “l’esprit de l’escalier” -referring to the ability a person has to be witty in his answers but when it’s too late- or “faire du lèche-vitrine” -its literal translation is ‘to lick the window’ but it means ‘to go window-shopping’-.

As we’ve seen, French culture is rich in this curious phenomenon. That is why if you are planning a trip to France in you early future, we recommend you to learn some French. Learn it fast or just write down some words and phrases and take them with you!

Audi Camp, small camping site in Botswana, near Maun.

Sossusvlei dunes, Namibia

Forty-five years old, black, big as a closet and very nice. If they saw him in Hollywood they would cast him in the role of the good-natured father on a TV show. Bob is the barman at Audi Camp, and even though he has nothing to do with the German car, he is totally in love with the Toyota four-wheeler we have rented and used to cross Namibia to get to Botswana. Just a few weeks ago, we landed in Africa to do a self-drive safari. Our car is in fact a machine, even though it looks like a snail because we’re transporting our dwelling: a tent on the roof, folded out like an accordion, especially made for people like us: i.e., clumsy. That’s only one of the advantages. The other is that at night cats and other indigenous felines circle our car without bothering us.

Our next destination is Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls. But to get there we still need to go through a couple of parks, namely, Moremi Park and Chobe Park, almost 400 km of dunes cut through by rivers and without any bridges. In addition, we will have to sleep out in the open, with no fences or anything that protects us from the abundant lions. They say the best thing to do is to join other groups and park the cars in a circle, like the caravans from the Wild West did when attacked by the Indians. That’s why we’re sitting in Bob’s bar, drinking a cold Heineken and gaining strength for the remainder of the trip.

Are legends or braves born, or made? Heineken is trying to discover that with their new campaign. Maybe in a couple of months they will have the answer but we will check it in short time. Meanwhile we feel like an empty beer dropped in the middle of nowhere….

Luckily, our favorite barman gives us advice on how to avoid the traps that await us. Like yesterday, when we had to cross a river filled with crocodiles and the waters almost reached the roof. These are his last words of advice and we want to share them with anyone who wants to travel around the world: “And if something happens don’t stress, that’s adventure”.



“Don’t Stress Planning, Enjoy Travelling”. This is the philosophy of Way Away. This is a website designed for those independent travellers who enjoy exploring new places and cultures on their own, but prefer not to waste their time and effort planning.

This picture was taken in Monte Verde (Costa Rica) by Way Away

Way Away has introduced a new travel concept with its Smart Routes: a trip planner that fits the needs of every traveller, saving money, time and stress. It is a more authentic and cheaper way than travelling with an agency and you don’t need to worry because the Smart Routes are designed by expert travellers.

In Way Away you can find all the necessary information for each trip. They provide you with full itineraries with scheduled daily routes so you can make the most out of each day. They explain how to get from city to city and the best way to book all transportation. They suggest authentic restaurants along the route. Way Away also gives you the possibility to book every single thing at the best price through their Smart Links. It comes to reducing the risks to the maximum in order to make your trip a success.

This is an example of trip planner

You can think that you are an independent traveller and you don’t need this service because there is a lot of information on the internet. But this is the exact reason why you need Way Away. On the internet there is too much information. It is a universe which can be hard to sift through, specially if you want to find something reliable. But you can be sure that the experts in Way Away have been in those countries and will do their best to let you know how make the most of your trip.

Ranakpur Jain Temple, India. By Way Away

Most tourists when travelling to Paris think of visiting Louvre Museum or climbing up to the Eiffel Tower. We are different. We go crazy to find new places where to find the best croissants or those boulangeries that have won the prize of the major to the best baguette of the year.

This past Easter we came back again to one of our favourites: the Yhuel boulangerie on Rue Jean Lantier 11, halfway between the Louvre and the Hotel de Ville. For only one euro per croissant we got out with one on each hand…

If you are by the Latin Quarter, do not hesitate to get close to try the Eric Kayser’s croissants. They are on rue Monge 14. Maybe they don’t deserve the gold medal but are working hard… Any case, our winner for the best croissant in Paris is the Delmontel Arnaud, in the rue des Martyrs 39, below the Boulevard de Clichy. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, delicious to eat.

Luckily croissants are still cheap and luckily we still can find some cheap paris hotels so once in a while we can show us up there.

Boulangerie Yhuel, 11 rue Jean Lantier

Delmontel Arnaud, 39 rue des Martyrs

Eric Kayser, 14 rue Monge

Las Vegas, often considered to be the entertainment capital of the world, is a truly unique location. Full of lights, wonder, and of course, casinos, few places can be thought of as more extravagant than this much-celebrated city. As spectacular as it is, it can be easy to get lost amid the bright lights and slot machines, so here is a selection of some of the best things to do while there to help you plan your trip.

Visit the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip truly is one remarkable stretch of road. Not only is it incredibly lit, with neon lights at every turn, but it is lined by some of the most glamorous hotels in the world. These are usually huge complexes in their own right, containing state of the art pools and massive casinos to keep you occupied all day and long into the night.

Gondola ride

Nothing is more quintessentially ‘Vegas’ than putting a Nevadan twist on a world city. Explore the Paris Las Vegas with its replica of the Eiffel Tower, or the world famous New York-New York resort and its very own replica of the Statue of Liberty. Another favourite is the Venetian, one of the most romantic offerings in Las Vegas. This spectacular resort contains its own picturesque waterway. Authentic Venetian gondolas float serenely along the canal, and the gondoliers are even known to serenade travellers, making a boat ride here a magical experience that’s not to be missed.


Vegas is renowned for its shows, so it’s certainly worth experiencing at least one. Cirque du Soleil, loved the world over for its mind-boggling feats of acrobatic and artistic skill, is arguably the most famous circus in the world. Alternatively, Penn & Teller are at the top of the magical game and will leave you scratching your head in amazement. For the more musically inclined, Las Vegas has everything from huge hits such as the Jersey Boys to the absurdly named Menopause The Musical.

Make your money go further while on holiday in Vegas with rewards cards from American Express. The range of American Express travel rewards cards allow you to earn exclusive membership points as you spend, which can be redeemed in exchange for great rewards such as flights, holidays and hotel bookings, making your next trip all the more affordable.

If you’re looking for a cruise that can get you close to natural beauty, incredible scenery and picturesque vistas, a cruise on the Norwegian Fjords could be just what you’re looking for. With various liners having the fjords as a destination spot, you can be sure to find a trip that is perfect for you, including the NCL Epic and the P&O Oceania. If you’re lucky enough to secure a last minute cruise, you can enjoy rock bottom prices for this holiday of a lifetime.

As the deep Fjords slice through the rugged terrain of the mountainous landscapes, you can be taken on a journey through this awe inspiring part of the world whilst admiring the backdrops and the wildlife that you may encounter along the way.

Set off from Southampton on the south coast, as you head for Stavanger, a couple of days away. It’s a perfect area for hiking, including Prekestolen and Kjeragbolten. Perhaps you’ll catch sight of an adrenaline-fuelled BASE jumper plummeting off the sheer rock faces whilst you’re there. Alternatively, there are plenty of museums and an intimate city centre that would be a perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon stroll.

From here, you will continue to Flam = a popular village that has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a perfect site to explore the surroundings, including the Kjosfoss waterfall and the Naeroyfjord – Europe’s narrowest fjord where you may catch a glimpse of dolphins or seals.

Eidfjord is your next port of call, where you can spy the 182m waterfall, Voringsfossen and the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda before continuing your journey to Kristiansand – a large municipality that is a perfect base for exploring the south coast of Norway.

Book a last minute cruise and enjoy a week on the Norwegian Fjords for a true taste of Scandinavian life and the natural beauty that this corner of the world possesses.

Are you planning your next trip? When was the last time you jumped into a plane? How about a weekend in London or Paris ? How does Prague sound? Barcelona? Venice?

If you want to check on the prices of an airline ticket, we recommend that you look at Expedia. It is one of the best search engines: it is easy to use and it includes many Low Cost company tickets. A lot of search engines can’t track the Low Cost companies, but Expedia does.

If you have a small budget or you don’t want to spend money on the ticket plane, a Low Cost company is a good solution! So, don’t think it twice: check cheap prices at Expedia and keep travelling around the world!

New year, new ideas, new projects for Way Away’s blog!

We would like to start the year sharing good news with you. Our goal at Way Away’s blog is to make life easier for travellers. We want to give you expert travel tips and good advices for you to make the most of your travels.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to start a new area in the blog: TRAVEL GLUTEN FREE

Travel Gluten Free with Way Away recommendations!

Do you travel with friends and one of you is gluten intolerant? Or, do you travel with family and one of the kids has gluten allergy? Are you celiac? Travelling with no gluten can be a little bit overwhelming and annoying when looking for a place where to eat with no worries.

This is why, at Way Away, we have decided to give you a hand. We are preparing new articles about gluten free restaurants in different destinations. Every time you are going to travel somewhere and you need to know about gluten free restaurants o cafes, come back to our blog. We hope, you will find some ideas 🙂

Do you want to share with other travellers, gluten free places you already know? Please let has know, and we will add your recommendations in our articles; always quoting you 😉
Email us at

Has a good gluten free travel!

Bethaney Davies is one third of Flashpacker Family – a semi-nomadic, globetrotting family from Christchurch, New Zealand. Bethaney, Lee and their toddler Reuben spend half the year at home and the rest out exploring and enjoying the world. Flashpacker Family is a family travel blog that has great tales from the road, tips on travelling on a budget & travelling with a toddler and information on living a location independent lifestyle.

Bethaney took the time to tell us about her family and travels in this inteview. Enjoy it!

Flashpacker Family - in Las Vegas

– What is the most impressive place in the world you have ever been? What advice would you give to someone who wishes to travel there?

As a family, the most impressive place in the world we’ve been to was the Grand Canyon. It’s a truly incredible site that must be seen to be believed. We spent six weeks living in Las Vegas last year and visited the Grand Canyon as our first stop on a three week South West road trip. The South West states of the USA are wonderful area to drive around. Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and California are all very different but the landscapes, food and sites to see are fantastic. If you’re going to visit the Grand Canyon, either take one of the helicopter trips from Las Vegas or do it as part of a road trip. Stay overnight in Tusayan, Arizona which is just outside the national park limits and therefore much cheaper. The admission fee to the Grand Canyon costs almost half the price of an annual national parks pass so if you’re planning on spending more time in the US, go the pass.

– What do you hate to forget in your suitcase?

My tweezers and a little magnifying mirror! I am a constant eyebrow plucker and do it almost every day. I have a great little mirror with suction cups that sticks to a larger mirror, the wall or window. I wouldn’t leave home without it. I also couldn’t leave behind my son Reuben’s special blanket. Even if it’s 40 degrees and we’re on a jungle trek in Thailand the blanket has to come with us!

Flashpacker Family - Swimming in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

– What would you say to those travellers who are afraid to travel on their own, and end up going to a travel agency even if they do not like taking part in organized tours?

If you’re afraid of travelling on your own, start with a tour. It can be helpful to have a local guide and a group to lean on when you’re in a new country, especially if that country is radically different to your home. Culture shock can be a scary thing. Once you realise how easy travel is and how much money you save by booking it yourself, you’ll want to go it alone. I think going on organized day trips are a good idea if you want to get the best of both worlds. They’re great for meeting other travellers and you can ask your guide plenty of questions about local customs, language, food, etc, but still head back to your own hotel room at night and do your own thing the next day.

– What kind of food have you tried on your travels and you found it delicious/surprising? Can you recommend us any place where to try it out?

I love Asian food. My son Reuben has eaten spicy food since he was a baby and loves Thai food. I was a vegetarian for 12 years and travelled a lot during that time. As a vegetarian, you can miss out on a lot of great food if you’re worried it might contain meat. I much prefer to travel as a meat eater. I’m not scared to dig into a big pot of “street soup” or eat “mystery meats” these days. One of the cuisines I have greatly enjoyed in my travels was that of Burma. A lot of people had told me the food in Burma wasn’t great but I really enjoyed it. It’s like a mix of Thai, Chinese and India food. Mohinga – a delicious noodle soup was my particular favourite. It’s sold in every restaurant, hotel and street corner in the country and is even eaten for breakfast.

Flashpacker Family - Bethaney with her friend the Buddhist Monk in Burma

– Finally, tell us something that happened to you travelling and that you will never forget…

On my trip to Burma I had the fortunate experience of meeting a Buddhist monk. It had started to pour with rain and I was caught without an umbrella so he offered to share his with me. He suggested we retreat to a tea shop and wait for the storm to pass. We drank tea and he practiced his English with me. He’s been taking lessons and I was the first foreigner he’d ever practiced with! A few days later, he invited me over to the monastery he lived at. I met the Abbott (head monk) who taught me a little about Buddhism, in limited English, then we had a home-cooked vegetarian lunch. After lunch we visited the orphanage for boys that was attached to the monastery and meet some of the kids. It was a wonderful experience!

Thank you Bethaney for your time and dedication in the interview. Do you want to know more? She also runs an online guide to Thailand and works with Lee on a Las Vegas travel guide. You can follow Bethaney on Twitter and Facebook.

Having spent 2 years in the working world, Dave and Vicky are ready to exchange their briefcases for backpacks, dress shoes for sandals, and beds for sleeping bags. Since September they have been embarking on a 2 year journey across Asia and Europe. You can follow along at A Couple Travelers where you’ll find travel reflections, blogging resources and restaurant reviews. Here you have the interview Way Away did to them:

Dave and Vicky - A Couple Travelers - South Korea October 2012

– What is the most impressive place in the world you have ever been? What advice would you give to someone who wishes to travel there?

Hmm, this is very difficult. We really enjoyed Tokyo, Japan, though. We like big cities, however, I realize this is not for everyone. The key is to take your time and not try to do too much in one day if you can spare it. Have people write things down for you like directions and show them to pedestrians, they will help you find your way.

– What do you hate to forget in your suitcase?

We carry two backpacks one of which we always take carry on. In order to limit major inconveniences the most important things are always taken carry on. Still, we lose things all the time, like recently one shoe (rendering the other useless). Above all though I think medicine is the worst to forget. It’s difficult to get elsewhere and you can’t be sure of the quality.

Vicky from A Couple Traveler at Lurray Caverns

– What would you say to those travellers who are afraid to travel on their own, and end up going to a travel agency even if they do not like taking part in organized tours?

I guess I don’t understand why you would choose to do something you don’t like in place of something you may or may not like. It’s true that sometimes you want to minimize risk, but I don’t think it is worth possibly sacrificing an entire trip to do so. Better to go someplace else where you feel comfortable on your own.

– What kind of food have you tried on your travels and you found it delicious/surprising? Can you recommend us any place where to try it out?

Surprisingly we are not particularly venturous eaters, though recently in Vietnam we tried a few things that many might consider strange, such as worm paddies as well as coffee beans that are essentially weasel feces, both of which weren’t bad. My biggest recommendation is to give street food a try. It can be very tasty, cheap, and clean. Look for stalls with high turnover where they prepare the ingredients in front of you.

Dave from A Couple Traveler at Cherry Blossom DC 2011

– Finally, tell us something that happened to you travelling and that you will never forget…

I’ll never forget the time we were eating at a restaurant in Santorini, Greece. We tried to get a cab but it was in a remote part of the island. It was getting late and we were about an hour’s walk from home. Just as we were about to leave, the restaurant manager offered to have his son give us a ride home. It saved us quite a long walk and was incredibly kind, considering we were just customers at his restaurants and not close friends. I think you remember hospitality above all else.

Thank you guys for your time and your advises!