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Where to find the best croissant in Paris

Most tourists when travelling to Paris think of visiting Louvre Museum or climbing up to the Eiffel Tower. We are different. We go crazy to find new places where to find the best croissants or those boulangeries that have won the prize of the major to the best baguette of the year.

This past Easter we came back again to one of our favourites: the Yhuel boulangerie on Rue Jean Lantier 11, halfway between the Louvre and the Hotel de Ville. For only one euro per croissant we got out with one on each hand…

If you are by the Latin Quarter, do not hesitate to get close to try the Eric Kayser’s croissants. They are on rue Monge 14. Maybe they don’t deserve the gold medal but are working hard… Any case, our winner for the best croissant in Paris is the Delmontel Arnaud, in the rue des Martyrs 39, below the Boulevard de Clichy. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, delicious to eat.

Luckily croissants are still cheap and luckily we still can find some cheap paris hotels so once in a while we can show us up there.

Boulangerie Yhuel, 11 rue Jean Lantier

Delmontel Arnaud, 39 rue des Martyrs

Eric Kayser, 14 rue Monge

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