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New year, new ideas, new projects for Way Away’s blog!

We would like to start the year sharing good news with you. Our goal at Way Away’s blog is to make life easier for travellers. We want to give you expert travel tips and good advices for you to make the most of your travels.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to start a new area in the blog: TRAVEL GLUTEN FREE

Travel Gluten Free with Way Away recommendations!

Do you travel with friends and one of you is gluten intolerant? Or, do you travel with family and one of the kids has gluten allergy? Are you celiac? Travelling with no gluten can be a little bit overwhelming and annoying when looking for a place where to eat with no worries.

This is why, at Way Away, we have decided to give you a hand. We are preparing new articles about gluten free restaurants in different destinations. Every time you are going to travel somewhere and you need to know about gluten free restaurants o cafes, come back to our blog. We hope, you will find some ideas :-)

Do you want to share with other travellers, gluten free places you already know? Please let has know, and we will add your recommendations in our articles; always quoting you ;)
Email us at info@way-away.com

Has a good gluten free travel!

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