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Choco Café

Liliová 4/250

Ideal to relax in the afternoon and eat something like a snack with a hot chocolate. It’s really thick so do not be tempted by the cakes. With a cup of “cokoláda” will have more than enough (CZK 59 to 2.5 €). More if you ask for a bit of cream above (CZK 69-3 €).

23 08 12 Praga 181

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Bakery in Vila do abraao, Paes & co, in Rua da Silva

R $ 3.50 large water

In Ilha Grande more than walking tour will do. On the Way Away planner as the days we will tell you to be what it is worth.

When you touch walk, worth taking a little water along the way. They are good walks and beaches although there is always who sells you something to drink, until you get worth going served.

Also, if you go to the beach of Lopes Mendes, the most famous on the island, there to eat there is nothing special, so we recommend you to acquire something from Vila do abraao. In the Bakery Paes & co, you can do that I cut a little mortadella (R $ 14 per kilo), the typical meat from here, and buy some bread to make sandwiches on a tris (R $ 3.3 rolls bag ).

12 11 02 Ilha Grande 110 bis

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Pain Vin Fromage, 3 rue Geoffroy l’Angevin

Essential to book by phone (tel January 42 74 07 52)

Like many sites, the best place for a nice dinner with friends is in your home. So it is common to see groups of young and not so young going down the street each carrying one of the ingredients. The most common bread, cheese and wine.

Pain, Vin, Fromage is that. A nice place to have a nice dinner with your friends. Very near the Centre Pompidou, going to Le Marais, on a small street you will find it. Do not fail to book especially if it’s the weekend! Although they bring you downstairs do not worry that you will be at home. The best, the cheese fondue. With that and a bottle of wine that you will have more leftovers for dinner!

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Barraca da Teka, 5 km from the beach

Possibly the most famous place to take a caipirnha in the sand of Praia do Forte. What’s more astonishing, you can pay with VISA … and no wonder they are the most expensive caipirinhas we’ve had around here. Ten or twelve reals by type of cachaça. There are spectacular but not exceed them elsewhere, the truth, and you will become at least a few laughs with the people who run it are friendly than most.

Praia do Forte

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It is a chain with restaurants everywhere but possibly the most enjoyable of all is in the old front of the subway station: c / Sturegatan 12

98 kr pasta dish

If you like the kitchen from the inside worth that you enter the Vapiano. Swedish is a chain of restaurants that began to spread in northern Europe and any day is a new Ikea but the food …

It is a kind of Pastafiore but well mounted. Two queues: one for the pasta and one for the pizza. Forget the second and first try ‘. But not to put the boots but to see how you prepare it ahead of you in two minutes. You choose the type of pasta and sauce. On one hand, boil the right amount according to the dose that you have prepared. And on the other front of you cook the sauce.

And after eating. I said, you won’t suck your fingers but it’s funny to watch.

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Café Gaucho in Rua Sao Jose 86

Sandwich of Linguica 6 R$ (2,8 €)
Cerveza chopp (caña) 4,90 R$ (2 €)
Suco de limao 4,5 R$ (1,8 €)

The old center of Rio de Janeiro is the entire office area. It would be so far from the metro station Movieland, where the Municipal Library and the Opera, to Uruguaiana. From the first you can take a taxi for you approach the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, but it is best that you pass along Rua Uruguaina to Av Presidente Vargas, always when leaving work (from 17.00 to 19.00 h). You will see the markets but most people leaving in droves. Some towards the sea to take the ferry and go home, others looking for a good deck for an after-work beer.

Río de Janeiro If you want an authentic zone, crossing the Av Pres Vargas and outisde to Largo Santa Rita with Rua Miguel Couto. There you have Tesouro coffee bar with an animated terrace where you can taste sardinhas for less than 2 R $.

But our recommendation is to take a peek also the area to the right of the Rua Uruguaiana to the Tiradentes Palace. In the Rua do Mercado have the Adelos with good atmosphere and the Rua do Ouvidor, which intersects with the previous, you will see several terraces crowded. Returning to the metro station, at the junction of Rua Sao Jose and Rua Rodrigo Silva, find the Cafe Gaucho.

Here itself you have to do a mandatory stop! Linguica sandwich, a kind of little sausage with onions, and beer “chopp” (the shooter), and it shall be an inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro. You can also try the provolone sandwich is great, but typically the linguica!

(see the “verao” or famous barrack)

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Pizza Rossi, 24 rue Blondel

Napolitain Bistro, 18 avenue Franklin Roosevelt

It’s a pity. Pizza Rossi is far from the most interesting places of Paris! It is one of those places that one would like to have around the house to go every Sunday. Pizza pretty cheap and lovely.

That’s why we recommend the Bistro Napolitain, just above the Champs Elysees. If you read their reviews on TripAdvisor, and Homer Simpson would give free though. But look, there are few reviews, are all French and most are asking “the best pizza in Paris?”. The conclusion? Indeed it may be one of the best pizzerias in Paris, still undiscovered by tourists. So just Parisians reviews and so wonder how it might have that reputation.

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The Pizzaria, next to our favorite pousada in Sao Luis, Hotel Portas of Amazonia

Actually share space and possibly the owner. Only have pizza but very good, but if the cheese had a little more flavor would be just perfect. But this is a chronic disease of all the pizzerias in Brazil…

Go on! Drink a good caipirinha while eating the pizza. Sit at a table right at the entrance, as well, to keep the doors open, oiréiss the bands that play in the street.

Sao Luis La pizzaria

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Aed Von Krahli

8 Rataskaevu

Best of Tallinn. Very good, very cheap and very nice. Better for lunch, here the nice part is inside. And best book to keep them, to do the cousin turistoide and end up dancing with some mediévola in the Holo Turn.

The pasta with salmon and delicious dirt cheap (5 €) and the steaks first. Relax, take two plates and regadlo well because Tallinn is small and give better afternoon nap and go as they cruise the streets emptied.

Von Krahli Aed, Tallin

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If you are from Montmartre on rue Lepic, where tourists often return walk to see the Sacre-Couer, you have the Fromagerie Lepic, where oddly enough the neighborhood, you will hear more French than other languages.

If you are on the other side of the Seine, one of the most famous stores but no more expensive than others is Chez Barthélémy in the Rue de Grenelle 51.

For other districts, here you can find a good list of recognized small cheese shops in Paris.

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