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San Sebastian has beautiful museums, informational and entertaining

San Sebastian´s museums have a lot of variety and many of them simply cannot be left out of any tourist´s “What-to-see-in-San-Sebastian” guides. Some of such museums that travel guide recommends are:

Eureka Museum of Science

Eureka is a formidable place for tourists from all ages to get a pleasant and more real approach to science. Kids can get to actually see with their own eyes what they are studying at school and science books.

This museum is interactive, which makes learning even easier while having lots of fun, despite if you are a kid or a grown-up.

San Telmo Museum

At the end of the 19th century, San Sebastian held numerous expositions which captivated the audience over and over again. The whole event was considered a huge an utter success, and so the idea of building the San Telmo Museum was born. Everything was set to go, except from enough money to build a competitive museum. Amazingly, it was San Sebastian´s own people who started to donate several objects worthy of being exhibited in the museum. Finally in October 1902, the museum was officially inaugurated.

San Sebastian´s magnificent Aquarium

Simply the oldest museum dedicated to natural science in the whole Spanish country. Ever since its foundation, this incredible aquarium has served as a beacon of information and recreation as it has always been a personal mission to create conscience about the preservation of wildlife and ecosystems.

Nearly 12 million people have enjoyed one of the best attractions ever, which is a 1 million 8 hundred thousand liters tank full of submarine species, including sharks. What makes this huge tank so special is the fact that it is cut in the middle and a tunnel was built to run all through the tank. As the tunnel is transparent, all the fish can be watched swimming above us.

Donosti La Concha El peine de los vientos

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