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La Tana, walk the harbor in Cabo de Palos

Caldron, at least two persons € 12.50 per person

“From sea grouper, and Mosqui the cauldron”.What a great advertising claim! Too bad the Mosqui not in front row with ocean views. So if you want to assail the best pot in Cartagena and surroundings, not what you think: go to Tana.

Like the Mosqui, the Tana is in the port of Cabo de Palos, at the beginning of the Manga and half hour drive from Cartagena. If you go early, you can take a walk. Head north to reach the lighthouse, south to pass in front of the houses of the harbor and dream of owning one.

The cauldron is the version of the paella here. Much stronger flavor, sweet and served is a kind of cauldron, taken with aioli (garlic is the local name) to lower it a bit. And while they serve with fish and boiled rice broth itself. Not that I have much flavor but the “meat” is juicy and goes well with rice. For snacks you can take the mussels first (half dozen € 4) which are large and tasty, or any typical fried fish.

All this accompanied by a chilled white wine, terrace with sea views and a sunny day, a little more than normal in Cabo de Palos, you will be in heaven.

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