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Restaurant Chez Leon in Brussels
Rue des Bouchers 18

Formule Leon (moules avec frites) 14,90€
Croquettes de Crevettes 13,95€
Steak tartar (americain) 17,95€

Well yes, we know. It’s the worst of the tourist streets of Brussels, that of the “butchers”. That says it all. Full of tight and maitre blowflies terraces that will persecute to the hotel with the letter of your restaurant. But if you want to try some mussels and fries, go to Chez Leon. It would be comparable to the King of the Prawns in Barcelona, famous among local restaurant for twenty years and prostituted by tourists since. But with a difference. They all eat shrimp, the tourists and we, in restaurants and at home, so there are hundreds of better places than the Rey de la Gamba to eat a good meal. But in Belgium the only ones to ask avec frites mussels in restaurants are on duty turistoides. So if you want to take them and the good, to the rue des Bouchers and sit at Chez Leon (a good recommendation to avoid the tourist hubbub is sitting on the cross street).

If you only take one of the table mussels, go to Leon formula, a kind of menu that includes classic mussels (moules speciales), fries and a beer for € 14.60. If you are more than one, ask “les Cocottes” ration of 800 grams (Leon formula are 500gr), with “frites à volonté” (All potatoes want). You’ll have more than enough. In this case, you can still opt for the classic (€ 22.55) or stop being purists thinking “what is the best or the most traditional?” And ask for more sauce you fancy because after dip it be you who potatoes and bread!Attention that sometimes the classics may surprise some of the flavor of “céleri” … a kind of pickle! Forewarned is forearmed …

For snacks, you can always try the shrimp croquettes typical super (crevettes croquettes) or tomatoes stuffed with prawns, which for some have come to a place of tourists! And if in the group have to always hating mussels, we can recommend the steak tartare (filet americain). A special little more matted than it serve for our lands, but also tasty and a good deal!

Of course, where you will be nailed in beer. Make them the idea and forget to look at the price, so not what you say. But forget about sophistication and do not go out of Maes beer, the cheapest of the letter.

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In Brussels costs a little separated from so many tourists, so much as seek all end up with touristy restaurants everywhere. But at least you can feel that there are places where you mix with local people. And that’s what happens in every bar in the Place Saint Gery. In the upper crossing Rue Van Praet, the terraces are mixed together. We recommend taking a spectacular “Belgian mojito” at the Zebra, first-facing terrace and sun bursting on weekends. As sure to fall more than one, before you fill you recommend good belly and a fantastic option is the Da Piero.

In the bottom of the square, around the market that fills the middle, you will find this Italian from outside does not look great, but its inner terrace is to forget for a while that you are in the capital of Europe. We recommend the spaghetti bolognese, adopted as a national dish by the Belgians, and parmigiana pizza.

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