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Rodoviaria Zinhos in Paraty (bus stop)

The day that you may possibly Paraty toméis the first bus to Rio de Janeiro, at 7.20 am in the morning or so. Chances are that at that time in your Pousada still are sleeping so manhana coffee I’ll have to improvise.

But nothing happens because for less than 2 R $ in the same season “rodoviaria” Paraty (that’s how they call all central bus stations in Brazil) you can take a cake to scrumptious chocolate. Remember that the journey to Rio lasts longer than 4 hours! Although you will have the stop bar shift at the company’s own bus …

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Kiosk Vaga Lume

Isco do Peixe ½ R $ 18.50 (8 €)
½ medium Camarao 26 R $ (11 €)
Brahma Bottle 6.50 (2.5 €)

If you go to Paraty can not help but make the trip to Trindade but do not even think an agency! With the bus line goes that shoots! In Brazil Planner explicarmos where you take it and what a walk is worth doing in Trindade.

In the village of Trindade not worth eating, this is much better done in one of the kiosks or barracks Praia do Meio. Of all the options, do not hesitate even a little more expensive: go to the kiosk Vaga Lume. No wonder it is recommended by the Guia 4 Rodas, because both the fish and the prawns are first. Not that others are not kiosks fresh ingredients they are, but this is the “restaurant”, take better care of hygiene, will best serve you and above have some hammocks to not turn to ask why you can not stay to live in Brazil …

Although the letter put the portions are complete, are so abundant that they make you ask half portion of each. So you can try both the fried fish (with a touch marinated) and the camaraos. Of these have small, medium and large but with the middle finger and chuparéis you!

Restaurants More recommended restaurants in Paraty

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Before or right after dinner in Sarau at Praça da Matriz

Late in Paraty 33 on Rua Maria Jacome de Mello 357

To make a caipirinha in Paraty forget about the beach kiosks. They are far from the pousadas, the beach is not worth anything and at night it is likely that they are all closed. The best is the town square, the Praça da Matriz. The good thing is that the competition between the different terraces has made most the price down from 10 or 12 R $ per caipirinha to 7. The downside is that they also compete to see who gets the highest live music. The best caipirinha Sarau we take in, where there is usually a bit more lively but basically any of the bars is correct. Also, if there is any game that hurts fúbtol the most likely to miss here is that you put it!

If it’s raining or starts to cool and prefer meteros within a facility, it is more enjoyable Paraty 33 although there are caipirinhas market price: 12 R $. If you have wanted and money (R $ 18), you can try the Paraty 33, made with cachaça, mango, passion fruit and a few other things.

Also, if you are lucky, in the Armazem, Rua do Comerco linking the main street, Rua da Lapa with Praça da Matriz, more than one night a week playing samba. The caipirinha will ye also more expensive than in the square but worth it. That said, if you do not see that there is a band playing, the better the Sarau or Paraty 33.

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Macaroni fried with vegetables and prawns 45 R $ (18 €)
Green Curry with squid 38 R $ (16 €)

If we rely on the collective intelligence of the best restaurant Advisor dry Paraty would Voila Bistro and, taking into account the value, the Thai Paraty. Eat eat very well and, in addition, the site is very tastefully decordado. From where you enter the hallway, to the bottom terrace, past the tables and dishes each as the mother who brought the world.

If I have to recommend a restaurant in Paraty would put forward the Divine point, mostly because the letter gives a little more options and if something does not crave too much Thai flavor blends Paraty not be the best choice. But if you fancy a Thai touch, not what you think. Here eat first.

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Divine Point 129 Rua da Matriz

Spaghetti Calamari 39.90 R $ (16 €)
Pizza gamberetti 41.90 R $ (17 €)
Artistic Covered 7 R $ (€ 3)

Divine Point is one of the best Italian restaurants not only in Brazil but also Paraty. That said, I do not expect to eat like in Trastevere in Rome, but it’s one of the few Italians in Brazil in which the pasta al dente make. Besides its terrace has nothing to envy to the Roman. Buenísimos spaghetti frutti di mare both as calamari (lula in Portuguese, which together with prawns abound mostly in these seas). If you are lucky and have the ravioli di pesce are also first. They make themselves so even though they are on the card, not always available.

Seeing their wood oven have temptations sure to order a pizza. Are thin and tasty but would lack a little more substance, both as cheese and tomato ingredients. Come on, that however much the poster put Divine Pizza Point, ask you a plate of pasta!

Recommendation: Although you will have to order two dishes to quedaros full, the ration given almost for two, so if you are a couple and tell them that you will share and I will bring them on two plates.

When Repay do not be surprised to see 7 R $ by “artistic covered”. Is the toll to pay to have live music, but at least does not bother Divine Point. Elsewhere Brazil one would pay for stop playing …

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Restaurants Other recommended restaurants in Brazil

The schooner Netuno II of Paraty Tours to visit the praias and islands of Paraty

Caipirinha 12 R $ (5 €)
Lula grelhada (grilled squid) or doré (a Roman) 28 R $ (12 €)
Molho of camarao com Peixe (fish with shrimp sauce) 30 R $ (12 €)
Trip price R $ 30 (12 €)

In Brazil planner will explain the best way to choose a ship with which to make the trip to the beaches and islands of Paraty and, above all, how to get the best price and do not be fooled!

If we do most likely case is that acabéis in Netuno II. Captain of the first (a must because more than a scare tourists have seen addressed by your own boat …), lovely crew and also cooks posh.

You’ll have to ask for the menu before you get to the first stop to getting everything ready to go. The fish with shrimp sauce is great with rice and squid, which together with the camarao is the most abundant in these waters, even better. Although the letter is to grill, so you can ask fried (“dore”). As always Brazil, tend to make it too salty but with such notice is sufficient. As with cilantro! (“Cuantro” in Portuguese) If you endure, which is standard, Warn whenever you note!

The caipirinha, the price in the area, they are expensive but good. The strawberries in this region are very tasty so that you can use to request to “morango”.

Coffee and fruit are free throughout the journey but beware of the sweet that I offer at the end of everything. It seems that also enters the gift set … but no. Although it looks good and looks like a truffle is very cloying. And if you end up paying R $ 3.50 when you thought it was a nice touch!

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House Coupe in Praça da Matriz

Philomena Burguer 19.70 R$ (8 €)
Batata fritas 10.90 R$ (4.4 €)
Suco de limao 5 R$ (2 €)
Chopp cerveja grande 6 R$ (2.4 €)

When you get to Paraty is that it takes many days for Brazil and perhaps ye fancy a change of menu. In any other country in the world, pizzerias and Italian restaurants are ideal to give rest to the stomach. In Brazil no. The paste usually make pizzas too old and hard to find some that is normal. Too thick or too thin. With sometimes a little cheese special. Or the different ingredients such as caramelized onions or cut into pieces egg above.

So if you are of those who need a break from both “refriçao” with rice and beans, do not fail to go to the House Coupé! In the same Praça da Matriz, the central square of Paraty, with a nice terrace but also beautifully decorated interior, which is already well here when abundant rainfall.

And have no doubt: hamburger. Impeccable, with the taste of good burgers. And with real Heinz ketchup. The sweet potato fries you have to order them separately but do not fail to do so. With the cheese over them cast are fantastic.

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The caravan of Jorge Lanches, at Largo da Pedreira, between Rua da Lapa and Avenida Roberto da Silveira

Basic Burger 3.50 R $ (1.4 €)
Complete burger with bacon, egg and lettuce 6.50 R $ (€ 3)

Right where begins the pedestrian Rua da Lapa is a square (Largo da Pedreira) where you will find both the typical stalls of cakes and sweets as snacks and sandwiches. At the price of 2 € per burger nobody can put your hand in the fire the next day do not go to the bathroom more than usual, but we were seated right. At least those of Jorge Lanches caravan, hidden in the corner but looking better burgers and the best smell around Paraty.

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All along the coast of Paraty, Ilha Grande and around Rio de Janeiro, the French abound much more than in the rest of Brazil, both tourists and businessmen. Possibly so many restaurants in Paraty, very expensive and too luxurious. At least for us. That a small town like this has restaurants like Bistro Voila (road Paraty-Cunha km 4), the Caminho do Ouro (Pousada do Ouro, Rua Samuel Costa 236), Banana da Terra (Rua Samuel Costa 198) or the Refuge (just ahead port), where dishes can easily pass for 40 or 50 € not make any sense.

In any case, if you are of those of you who like to give you the pleasure of eating expensive and well when you are traveling you have come to the right place for you will be spoiled for choice! Obviously we have not tried them all but not anything for situation and environment we are left with the roof of the shelter and banana ravioli … but not stating that we recommend it! It seems a lot to spend so much money, when quality is not justified at least in the same proportion as prices rise.

So our favorites in Paraty are Divine Point, an Italian with the best pasta charming throughout Brazil, mainly because they are able to make it al dente, and the House Coupe, with fantastic burgers and full-blown Heinz sauce!

Three also have ice cream but no notable because their ice cream are wonderful, typical pastries and sweets carts street, a couple of places to take a sandwich or burger for 4 R $ (less than 2 € …) and some other bar caipirinha reduced to 7 R $ (in Paraty are standard 11 or 12 R $).

Besides, if you come by car and pass by Praia Grande there have the famous kiosk Sao Francisco to take Peixe.

Restaurants More recommended restaurants in Paraty

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