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Confectionery Colombo, inside Fort Copacabana

Entrance to Fort 6 R $ (2,8 €) (required pay to get to the terrace)
Pesto pasta Salada 25 R $ (10€)
Pie of Belem 7 R $ (2,8 €)
Bohemia Beer bottle R $ 6.50 (€ 2.6)

The Colombo is famous confectionery that appears in all maps. The original is near the old center near the Av Rio Branco, but we recommend you do not miss that are within the Fort of Copacabana. Not only eat very well but you will have the best views on the beach. It will cost you 6 R $ into the fort, but it’s a cheap toll.

Situated at the tip that separates Ipanema Copacabana, come into the fort, go straight walking the walk that overlooks the sea and find the Confectionery 200m Colombo. If you continue straight you will come to the point where it pays to look out to see the cannon guarding the bay. Unless you come at rush hour is easy to find a place in any of the tables are on the terrace overlooking Copacabana.

Though Colombo is known especially for its cakes, both without hesitation accompany you inside so you can see and choose them personally, the salty are first, especially the pesto penne. With a serving almost eat both.

12 11 01 Río de Janeiro 042 bis

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Café Gaucho in Rua Sao Jose 86

Sandwich of Linguica 6 R$ (2,8 €)
Cerveza chopp (caña) 4,90 R$ (2 €)
Suco de limao 4,5 R$ (1,8 €)

The old center of Rio de Janeiro is the entire office area. It would be so far from the metro station Movieland, where the Municipal Library and the Opera, to Uruguaiana. From the first you can take a taxi for you approach the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, but it is best that you pass along Rua Uruguaina to Av Presidente Vargas, always when leaving work (from 17.00 to 19.00 h). You will see the markets but most people leaving in droves. Some towards the sea to take the ferry and go home, others looking for a good deck for an after-work beer.

Río de Janeiro If you want an authentic zone, crossing the Av Pres Vargas and outisde to Largo Santa Rita with Rua Miguel Couto. There you have Tesouro coffee bar with an animated terrace where you can taste sardinhas for less than 2 R $.

But our recommendation is to take a peek also the area to the right of the Rua Uruguaiana to the Tiradentes Palace. In the Rua do Mercado have the Adelos with good atmosphere and the Rua do Ouvidor, which intersects with the previous, you will see several terraces crowded. Returning to the metro station, at the junction of Rua Sao Jose and Rua Rodrigo Silva, find the Cafe Gaucho.

Here itself you have to do a mandatory stop! Linguica sandwich, a kind of little sausage with onions, and beer “chopp” (the shooter), and it shall be an inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro. You can also try the provolone sandwich is great, but typically the linguica!

(see the “verao” or famous barrack)

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Cafe Gelato Felice Caffè in Rua Gomes Carneiro 30, Ipanema

If you are from Ipanema and I want an ice cream, you have it easy. Near the beginning of Ipanema, on Rua Gomes Carneiro, ranging from the beach to the metro stop General Osorio, Felice find the cafeteria. By 8 R $ (3.2 €) you can take a “casquinha” (small cookie for 1 ball) or 10 R $ and take two flavors.

The site is trendy, so you will see that the tables are full of people watching the time!


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By order of the route: ask the taxi to leave you in the Jobi, at the end of Leblon

1. Jobi Ataulfo ​​de Paiva in 1166, with Rua General Artigas (fried sardines, filet mignon with cheese, casquinha siri)

2. Belmonte boteco Rua Dias Ferreira 521, corner of Rua General Venancio Flores Boteco Belmonte (all kinds of boulinhos and cakes from 4.70 R $)

3. Bracarense Bar on Rua Jose Linhares 85-B, almost Ataulfo ​​de Paiva
Bolinha camarao with catupiry, or feijoada bacalaho unit R $ 2.90 (€ 1.2)
Dried meat pie catupiry 4 R $ (1.6 €)
Chopp beer (on tap) R $ 5.10 (€ 2.4)

4. Chico and Alcaide on Rua Dias Ferreira 679, corner of Av Bartolomeu Mitre (barquinha de peixe e camarao for 5.60 R$, caldo de frutos do mar for 17 R$)

5. Cachaça Academy in Rua Conde de Bernadote 26 (would be the continuation of Rua Dias Ferreira, once across the Av Bartolomeu Mitre)
Sampling of caipirinhas

Brasil restaurantes 017 bisYou can not leave Rio de Janeiro without do the “botecos” route in Leblon. Between a bar and a restaurant, the botecos or botequims are traditional bars with terrace most of them and most of tapas dishes but are not as abundant as those of a normal restaurant. Here you have two options: either you follow the path that we are going to propose and going testing or you choose one of them and pass the evening there. Our recommendation: if it is a weekend or holiday, will all crowded so you better get in line at one of them and once you enjoy it you are sitting quietly. In that case, the two best are the super-classic Jobi or relatively new but already famous Chico and Warden.

If you do the route can start by Jobi, go through the Belmonte (it’s a chain but it is always crowded), outisde to Bracarense (by the way if you go by the Rua Umberto and other boteco encontraéis you thirst for a crash) and after somewhat to back and up to get to Chico and Warden. When acabéis, if you still feel like you are either close have Cachaça Academy where you can take the “sampling of caipirinhas”.Just to have a little bit of charm would be a great site! In any case, a capirinha is a caipirinha!

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Bar do Mineiro en Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno 99
Adega do Pimenta en Rua Almirante Alexandrino 296
Aprazivel en Rua Aprazivel 62

When the tram “badinho de Sta Tereza” still worked, this neighborhood was more charming. Now is not the same because their rise and cobbled streets are not the best for walking. In any case, if you finish up to meet him, the Bar do Mineiro and pepper Adega do are possibly the two most famous bars or restaurants.

In the Bar do Mineiro can try feijoada broth or meat pies for 10-30 R $, but the truth, is not famous we taste. Our recommendation assail one cerveja freda and greet the staff with a good smile when they say if you want to eat something. To eat something, we prefer the Adega do Pimenta. Try the sausage and roasted potatoes (R $ 20).

Yes, if you want to make a good dinner those paid in Sta Teresa have the Aprazivel that every day is becoming more famous. Hopefully it will not end up being too expensive or too touristy!

Bar do Mineiro brazil

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Minas Grill, weigh restaurant, in Rua Raimundo Corréa 34-A

As throughout Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro you will find the weigh restaurants. That is, pay as much as you eat. To calculate it they weigh the plate. The more elaborate with more than one price level, as if salad, meat or fish. But most single price will between 1.8 and 2.5 R $ for every 100g. Do not worry to calculate how much you can get the food because it’s ridiculous … In Copacabana find several restaurants of this type and the truth is that, more or less, all knowing just the same. In any case, we recommend one where at least you will have the assurance that you can eat:

Grill Restaurant at Rua Minas Raimundo Corréa 34-A, one of the intersecting streets linking Copacabana with  Rua Barata Ribeiro.


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Sushi Leblon Rua Dias Ferreira 256, Leblon

Leblon is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, for living and dining. So it is not surprising that one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city is here. Just see it and you will realize that it will not be very cheap, but for a farewell dinner worth the trip! Nor are the world’s fastest restaurant, but if you are at the end of your trip to Brazil and you’ll notice that’s standard in the country … Do not forget to try the “special” tempura like camarao (R $ 40) or philadelphia. The dinner you may end up going for about 120 R $ (about 50 €).

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