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Wuhan, the end of our trip around China

  1. They eat with sticks, and when the food is liquid, they slurp with no shame.
  2. They serve their dishes in the centre of the table to be shared, never individually. That’s communism taken to the table.
  3. They suck their mucus through their mouth and then spit on the floor constantly, or burp in the presence of others. Their society considers these things acceptable.
  4. Using only one hand, they can represent the numbers form 0 to 9, so with both hands they can represent up to 99. For example, the surfers’ greeting with both hands is 66.
  5. There is no alphabet. Each word is represented with a different character. These symbols are not arbitrary. They are composites of phonetic components and semantic radicals.
  6. Their economic system is a hybrid between communism and capitalism: they have only one political party, death penalty, and some type of democracy to look good.
  7. They believe in destiny and fortune and their main religious book is I- Ching. It is like an endless horoscope. They throw some type of dice, and according to the result, they must look up one page or another. Whatever is written there must be an inspiration to make a decision or to settle a doubt in their minds.
  8. They understand religion as something philosophical and philosophy as something religious.
  9. It is not that they don’t respect the queues; it is that they don’t exist for them. To get on a bus or enter the cinema, from the youngest to the oldest, they push each other, making their own way with their elbows and with no objection.
  10. There are no social barriers and it is no effort for them to create social relationships. They can start a conversation easily with people they don’t know, but as easily, they start arguing. This is something that happens more often than occidentals are used to see.
  11. Although they are known for copying everything, they were the “fathers” of the best invention in the world: pasta. Even though they don’t waste their time trying to claim their copyright, they should have kept the gunpowder for themselves…

Only in their territory the number of their population is over 1,300 millions of inhabitants. If you add to it the number of Chinese people living all around the world, it is easy to think that they will own the Planet one day. So we’d better get used to some of these things. So far, we tried the I-Ching before making up our minds about travelling around the world and, it worked! The page where the dice sent us advised us to start a great trip, and here we are. Is it a coincidence or thousands of years of wisdom?