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In Brussels costs a little separated from so many tourists, so much as seek all end up with touristy restaurants everywhere. But at least you can feel that there are places where you mix with local people. And that’s what happens in every bar in the Place Saint Gery. In the upper crossing Rue Van Praet, the terraces are mixed together. We recommend taking a spectacular “Belgian mojito” at the Zebra, first-facing terrace and sun bursting on weekends. As sure to fall more than one, before you fill you recommend good belly and a fantastic option is the Da Piero.

In the bottom of the square, around the market that fills the middle, you will find this Italian from outside does not look great, but its inner terrace is to forget for a while that you are in the capital of Europe. We recommend the spaghetti bolognese, adopted as a national dish by the Belgians, and parmigiana pizza.

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Restaurants Other recommended restaurants in Belgium

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