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Go ahead in most bars and restaurants in Brussels but will all be surrounded by touristy. But it is Brussels and weekends only tourists. In fact, until our European parliamentarians seem to do more tourists than anything else, but that would get into politics and we are for these cabbages and also for Brussels.

Our top recommendation for dinner is the classic Chez Leon with mussels and fries and eat the Da Piero in his quiet terrace and then give a good account of a few Belgian mojitos on the deck of the Zebra Bar

But if you want a healthy option here’s a good list. As always each and every one of them have personally tested. On the Way Away planner for Brussels route, you go indicating where to go, in what order and how to reach the site. In our Smart Route you go all these places indicating also for breakfast, lunch or dinner, everyone just at the right time so that you square with the itinerary!

For breakfast in Brussels abound coffee chains, such as well put that almost look life. You have the Paul, with good coffee and better croissant, but the best bread sandwiches (from 3.75 €). On the Boulevard Anspach with the Rue de L’Eveque Bisschops, you have a good central Paul. The other alternative is Le Pan Quotidian. In the Rue Antoine Dansaert find one, decorated as your dream kitchen, with one long wooden table from which you will not want to lift.

To drink a beer on a lively terrace, any time you can go to the Jardin des Fontaines Olives, right in the Marche au Charbon. From € 1.90 draft beer from € 2.60 or the bottled. For if it is full you have the bar right next Llanes or Au Soleil, the two also friendly and nice terraces.

Another area with good environment is the Plaza de Santa Catalina, with several bars with terraces beneath a large pine. The beer is just as cold in all but our favorite is the original Onthaal for their hammocks. Furthermore, in this square you will find a kind of bar-seafood or “tapas bar” as they call them led by Spanish. Ask for the “duos” by 13 or 15 € (tapas combining two of shrimp, octopus or squid) or “triple” with three options (21 €). I chuparéis fingers! But beware that only open for lunch and closed on Sundays.

If you eat when caught by the elevator of Louise, you can go to Point Chute, a burger with a nice terrace in the square below. The burgers are huge (from € 11.20) but you can also order a bagel for € 8.50.

For the “sweet tooth” have some bad news … The famous waffles have entered into a price war that has made € 1 but much worse than that you can take at home. Now, to prove that it is not … Next to the Manneken Pis have a couple of them, but I can not recommend one before the other because they both know like that … Of course, since you are there if you love chocolate and you carry a wallet full of banknotes, come into the Godiva chocolate shop opposite. The “strawberry cone” (€ 5.50), chocolate dipped strawberries, is not to forget. Or the “chocolixir” that will cost you not drink them in a St. Hilari …

If you have been late and you have pressed the stomach to hunger and greasy snacks, a lifeguard can be a kind of locally owned fast food on the street Fritland Henri Maus, under the big Platz. Ask in the bar and sit on a table of its banks. And since you ask of the Mitraillette atravéis (€ 4.50), a baguette with meat, onions, salad, salsa and chips …!

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