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Restaurant Bridge, c / Sint Baafsplein 21, Ghent

In Ghent options abound for lunch, dinner or just a beer. But if you are in the middle, no bones about it. The Bridge Restaurant with its terrace is a highly recommended site. To take a break with a beer in hand, or to try a dish of their own. They are scrumptious deli but not every day is jauja. The typical Stoverij (16 €) for two will kill hunger, a kind of beef stew in beer sauce that though they may be a bit strong at first, almost like wild game, at the end you’ll end up dipping bread. O chips which will bring you apart. The salads and pastas are worth 10 to 12 € and 14 meat dishes up.

It’s right next to the Cathedral. You see one stuck three restaurants side by side, the Bridge is just the middle.

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