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Restaurante Dom Mario

Risotto de polvo (octopus) 85 R $ (for two)
Mignon al molho with gorgonzola R $ 85 (for two)

If you look at all the tour guides Brazil, appear to have been copied because the Dom Mario appears the first in almost every list. And to top it off, it’s also the number 1 on TripAdvisor. So we had to try it. And so we can talk about it. And therefore do not recommend it unless you may have that typical day where you do not mind paying a lot or pay more than it’s worth something.

It’s good, there is no doubt. But it is also expensive. And considering where we are. If you are of those who do not like complicated dishes, and you have the perfect excuse because at Dom Mario, setting aside a couple of recipes, the rest always put a special touch, not too much but just enough to be original (passion fruit sauce, coconut milk, etc …). If you want to have dinner watching the sea, you have another excuse, that’s definitive. The Dom Mario is the most hidden restaurant in Vila do Abraáo. It’s at the end of one of the streets leading from the promenade to the sea.

So, if it’s fine dining, take a good flashlight, walk along the beach to the south and outisde Sagu mini resort. Overlooking the sea, is the best that you can eat in Ilha Grande, in his restaurant Toscanelli. But only on the weekends and always when you do not mind dining alone because few come here …

Risotto com camaráo 31 R$
Farfalle al pesto 31 R$

Ilha Grande

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