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Bakery in Vila do abraao, Paes & co, in Rua da Silva

R $ 3.50 large water

In Ilha Grande more than walking tour will do. On the Way Away planner as the days we will tell you to be what it is worth.

When you touch walk, worth taking a little water along the way. They are good walks and beaches although there is always who sells you something to drink, until you get worth going served.

Also, if you go to the beach of Lopes Mendes, the most famous on the island, there to eat there is nothing special, so we recommend you to acquire something from Vila do abraao. In the Bakery Paes & co, you can do that I cut a little mortadella (R $ 14 per kilo), the typical meat from here, and buy some bread to make sandwiches on a tris (R $ 3.3 rolls bag ).

12 11 02 Ilha Grande 110 bis

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