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Amarraçao Lanches in Praça Lopes Trováo

Hamburger with cheese and mayonnaise Gipóia R $ 4.20 (€ 2)

We have not been enough days in Angra dos Reis to tell you what your best restaurant. Not that you’ll need because we recommend not to stay any night here. From step to Ilha Grande in Brazil planner will explain the best way to get quick and cheap to Ilha Grande from Rio de Janeiro.

Yes, the same as the way there or back any time you stay in Angra dos Reis hung waiting for the bus. In that case, if you want to eat and you like sushi you can try the Japanese between the two ports: the catamaran and Santa Lucia. But if you want something faster, we recommend Amarracao burgers at Praça Lanches Trovao Lopes, almost touching the port of Angra dos Reis. Not the McDonalds, not even Bob’s, Brazilian chain fast-food hamburger, but are careful and can be eaten.

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