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Where to eat in Isla Grande

In contrast with the rest Brazilian coastal towns, in Villa de abraao there is a stretch of beach restaurants for dinner in the evening overlooking the sea, with a candle to decorate the table. The pity is that there are a lot of mosquitoes … so those allergic to stings, do you see the picture and then you are going to dinner for the two streets that get into town.

Those who, even with help from Relec, aguantéis to mosquitoes can choose the Lua & Mar. It is the farthest of all, not much but at night and in the dark for more than one beach too lazy to get there. Only worth doing on Saturday to make BBQ on the sand. Both eat, whether you pay.

And if you end up going to a restaurant for those inside, at the end you can always return to the beach to assail a coffee or hot chocolate in the basket of “Café da Praia”, for only 3-6 R $, we find in the same walk.

Lua & mar Ilha Grande

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