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Bar Aperitiv en Praia da Abraáozinho
Peixe frito 30 R$ (12 €)
Lula crocante 40 R$ (16 €)

Point do Verao
Suco natural 8 R$ (2,4 €)
Cerveja de botella 6 R$ (1,8 €)
Lula a doré – fried calamari 40 R$ (16 €)

One of the best tours in Ilha Grande (and easier and cheaper to do) is to walk quietly to the Praia da Abraaozinho. And once there take a plate of calamari or fried fish. To choose table you have it easy: there are only two restaurants. They are equally good but given the choice we are left with the “red”, the Point de Verao before with the “yellow”, the Aperitiv. The waiter is famous for the nonsense jokes he does but don’t worry because after the second beer he will start to look funny!

Bar aperitiv Ilha Grande

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