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Best restaurant in Santa Teresa

Bar do Mineiro en Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno 99
Adega do Pimenta en Rua Almirante Alexandrino 296
Aprazivel en Rua Aprazivel 62

When the tram “badinho de Sta Tereza” still worked, this neighborhood was more charming. Now is not the same because their rise and cobbled streets are not the best for walking. In any case, if you finish up to meet him, the Bar do Mineiro and pepper Adega do are possibly the two most famous bars or restaurants.

In the Bar do Mineiro can try feijoada broth or meat pies for 10-30 R $, but the truth, is not famous we taste. Our recommendation assail one cerveja freda and greet the staff with a good smile when they say if you want to eat something. To eat something, we prefer the Adega do Pimenta. Try the sausage and roasted potatoes (R $ 20).

Yes, if you want to make a good dinner those paid in Sta Teresa have the Aprazivel that every day is becoming more famous. Hopefully it will not end up being too expensive or too touristy!

Bar do Mineiro brazil

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