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Confectionery Colombo, inside Fort Copacabana

Entrance to Fort 6 R $ (2,8 €) (required pay to get to the terrace)
Pesto pasta Salada 25 R $ (10€)
Pie of Belem 7 R $ (2,8 €)
Bohemia Beer bottle R $ 6.50 (€ 2.6)

The Colombo is famous confectionery that appears in all maps. The original is near the old center near the Av Rio Branco, but we recommend you do not miss that are within the Fort of Copacabana. Not only eat very well but you will have the best views on the beach. It will cost you 6 R $ into the fort, but it’s a cheap toll.

Situated at the tip that separates Ipanema Copacabana, come into the fort, go straight walking the walk that overlooks the sea and find the Confectionery 200m Colombo. If you continue straight you will come to the point where it pays to look out to see the cannon guarding the bay. Unless you come at rush hour is easy to find a place in any of the tables are on the terrace overlooking Copacabana.

Though Colombo is known especially for its cakes, both without hesitation accompany you inside so you can see and choose them personally, the salty are first, especially the pesto penne. With a serving almost eat both.

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