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Café Gaucho in Rua Sao Jose 86

Sandwich of Linguica 6 R$ (2,8 €)
Cerveza chopp (caña) 4,90 R$ (2 €)
Suco de limao 4,5 R$ (1,8 €)

The old center of Rio de Janeiro is the entire office area. It would be so far from the metro station Movieland, where the Municipal Library and the Opera, to Uruguaiana. From the first you can take a taxi for you approach the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, but it is best that you pass along Rua Uruguaina to Av Presidente Vargas, always when leaving work (from 17.00 to 19.00 h). You will see the markets but most people leaving in droves. Some towards the sea to take the ferry and go home, others looking for a good deck for an after-work beer.

Río de Janeiro If you want an authentic zone, crossing the Av Pres Vargas and outisde to Largo Santa Rita with Rua Miguel Couto. There you have Tesouro coffee bar with an animated terrace where you can taste sardinhas for less than 2 R $.

But our recommendation is to take a peek also the area to the right of the Rua Uruguaiana to the Tiradentes Palace. In the Rua do Mercado have the Adelos with good atmosphere and the Rua do Ouvidor, which intersects with the previous, you will see several terraces crowded. Returning to the metro station, at the junction of Rua Sao Jose and Rua Rodrigo Silva, find the Cafe Gaucho.

Here itself you have to do a mandatory stop! Linguica sandwich, a kind of little sausage with onions, and beer “chopp” (the shooter), and it shall be an inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro. You can also try the provolone sandwich is great, but typically the linguica!

(see the “verao” or famous barrack)

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