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Mama Bahía, Cravo & Canela o Negro’s in Rua J. Castro Rabelo

Picanha da sheet for 1 person in the Mama Bahía (steak) 38 R $ (15 €)
Frango to Milan for 2 people in the Cravo & Canela (chicken nuggets) 30 R $ (12 €)
Peixe moqueca for 2 people in the Negro’s 30-35 R $ (12-14 €)

At night, the center Pelourinho seems abandoned in some unnamed African capital and not wanting to keep fighting. Even the thugs move in slow motion, because most of the crack that has taken up the urge to steal. They look like a lost zombies instead of pickpockets about to steal the wallet. Despite this, it is better not to move too much or get by any street that is not another tourist.

In Brazil planner will recommend the best hotel to stay in Pelourinho without any problem. But if you want to dine here, here is our recommendation: go away to Rua J. Castro Rabelo and sit in one of the three or four terraces to see. To arrive, take the Rua das Portas do Camu coming out of Long Terreiro of Jesus (one of the two squares of Pelourinho, this is the Church and the Cathedral) and is the first right.

The first restaurant is the Mama Bahía. I will recommend everyone and the truth is that you can find more hits will be very well decorated. Both sometimes afraid to go. The price, without being exaggerated, it is still twice that of its neighbors. So pay 15 euros for a dish that is not anything special, when next you will be filled belly in half, not plan. That ends up being the emptiest of the whole street. And therefore we prefer to recommend either: the Cravo & Canela or Negro’s.

Brasil Argentina Movil 088 bisThe two have a nice terrace (to be the center of Pelourinho at night …), cheap and Bahian food. That is, moquecas (fish or meat made in a clay pots sauce with onions and peppers), Peixe fried carne do sol, etc … The Black’s is more restaurant and it shows female hand your waiter, although in the Cravo & Canela you will become a laugh with the maitre Jamaican. You are in Salvador, so the food is the least … but still do not compliquéis life. A breaded chicken with sweet potato fries, a cold beer and a caipirinha to close the night. Pretentious fish or meats always have the risk of equivocaros. Specifically, forget about the meats do sol, Picanhas and other dried meats Brazilian inventions. Over the two days sure are.

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