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Cabana do Sol in Praia de Calhao

Possibly Cabana do Sol is the best known restaurant in Sao Luis from knowledgeable people here and the rich over there (well, we, the tourists …). The only disadvantage is that it’s really expensive to be Brazil. The meat dishes, the best thing to take into the cabin, are around 100 R $ (40 €), but it is also true that it is per person with all the accompanying needless ask for anything more …

It is a large wooden hut on the other side of the beach promenade of Calhao, with huge room upstairs.

To get you have to take a taxi or a bus because it is on the beach in Calhao. In Brazil Planner will tell you what bus and how to take it, but as the bus drivers drive around here, if you will not marearos, best Pass directly to the taxi.

If when you get there, do not go for the eyes, you can always go to the pizzeria Vignoli, is also a fine site, good quality, you will find a little beyond.

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