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Bagelstein, rue Saint Lazare 8

You still do not understand how home might not have become fashionable bagels sites. In Paris and around the world, it is difficult to find a small bagel shop. The best are usually the ones that have that look of unvarnished wood, like a last century boulangerie. Bagelstein is but they also have a historical backdrop with covers of Paris Match, Life and others (Lady Di, Steve Jobs, Woody Allen, etc.) and a curious pedigree of the figurative (or not) family that owns the property.

In any case have all combinations of bagels from € 2.20 to € 7, with the guarantee that serve no more than 500 bagels a day per person … Just have passed but the Leontine (salmon with creme cheese and onion) or Henriette (tuna mousse with tomato and cheese) are to repeat.

However, to the cafes have no limit and no wonder because it is so worth it. So what we recommend it only to catch the bagel and keep walking.

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