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The best boulangerie in Paris

The Renaissance, Arnaud Delmontel, rue des Martyrs 39

Arnaud Delmontel

Not for nothing have won awards for best croissant in Paris, the best baguette, etc … But the best reward is to ask who you ask, in all ranks, in all lists, always ends up appearing Delmontel Arnaud. In our list also appear and the first of all. Great croissant, flavored butter point but only just, crunchy but soft and fleshy above, nothing to eat air! The pain au chocolat is also first and you may have or not hungry, buy you a baguette, normal or traditional, single or sandwich (beware that the ham and cheese is Emmentaler), but compradla and probadla!

I end up hurting your jaw to chew! Not used to eating real bread! With taste, consistent, crisp, … should call it something else because this is not the bread that we sell in our bakeries …

Croissant € 1.15
Pain choc € 1.30
Sandwich € 4.50

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