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Boulangerie Yhuel, 11 rue Jean Lantier
Arnaud Delmontel, rue des Martyrs 39
Eric Kayser, 14 rue Monge

As always happens with these things, each year saw the list of turn with the best croissants in town. The pity is that many of them are in the suburbs or near the periferic. But one falls in the middle and, if not, you always have the classics, famous among all Parisians.

One of our favorites is the Yhuel boulangerie on Rue Jean Lantier 11, halfway between the Louvre and the Hotel de Ville (care barely see the name on the outside). Ask Acordaros of butter (beurre)! For just a euro, you’ll see more than one get two … And if you are tired you can sit down for a leisurely coffee. In that case, try the hot and cheese croissant!

But our winner for the best croissant in Paris is the Delmontel Arnaud, on rue des Martyrs 39, below the Boulevard de Clichy. Crispy on the outside, soft inside, delicious to eat. Just stroll past the smell and is one of those that forces you to enter. No wonder Delmontel was the winner for the best baguette in 2007.

Even if you are by the Latin Quarter, do not hesitate to get close to try the Eric Kayser on Rue Monge 14 and then you will not know who to give the gold medal …

Here you can see the list of winners of the 2012 best croissants!

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