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L’Etoile du Berger, rue de la montagne Sainte Genevieve 42
Best book by phone (0143263887)

Pain Vin Fromage, 3 rue Geoffroy l’Angevin
Essential to book by phone (tel January 42 74 07 52)

Located in the Latin Quarter is not easy to hit a place where you eat well even if surrounded by tourists. And on top on that site you can try fondue meat or cheese is of note. And to top it off if they have a menu for € 16 with first and second, going to bingo. Even the background music accompanying and just why you’d end up asking if you listen to it removed.

If you go to menu, to first ask the onion soup, but you do not like! It is delicious with melting cheese and croutons. And second the pepper steak or duck confit. But what worth are the two fondues. If you are two ask for one of each. The cheese is a little strong but very good. The bread, however, is the day before but the trick is to ask for more bread that is perfect desktop. The flesh is very good, but the sauces are not anything special. If you ask needless fondue request a first because they are abundant (accompanied with a really good triangular chips and some salad), although it is a shame not to try the onion soup …

Menu € 16
Onion soup € 6
Savoyarde Fondue (cheese) 16 €
Fondue Bourguignonne € 18
Chocolate Fondue for Two € 16
(although not as good as the other dishes)
Bottle 500ml house wine € 12
Wine Bottle Bordeux € 18

And if you are on the other side of the Seine, just behind the Centre Pompidou, you can not miss the Pain Vin Fromage! In the small rue Geoffroy l’Angevin have this lovely restaurant that, although most of the tables are in a sort of cellar without windows, you will feel very comfortable in addition to eating a blast!

Cheese fondue for 15 €, meat (Burgundian) from 16.50 € and raclette from 13.50 to € 19.50, but our recommendation is to try the first!

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