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Domini Canes
Skarnu iela 18

When we did the trip around the world, we recognize that in some places almost took Tripadvisor as our bible. But then had not yet reached a million users (or is 100 million?) And the system was not prostituted. Now we have a much larger list in which, depending on the profile of the site, we will checking and expanding. Besides asking clear, walk, ask, walk and when we see an option that looks good, pin the nose on the plates of those who have already chopped. And if convinces us we sat. And when it comes the waiter if we liked the letter and the environment, started asking. And if not, get up and go, that the customer is always right. And if we like, we extend the order. And if the thing ends well, started writing.

You were saying that TripAdvisor is prostituted by some and by others (there are many customers who threaten to bad reviews to get up a discount or something for free), but still valid, not to look at the ranking but to read between the lines. But, of course, by doing so we can not see the stars of the place and certainly it is Domini. After testing it is clear why. Well, nice and cheap, but perhaps in reverse order giving the level in all three. Do not miss the chicken stuffed with cheese (4.96 lats), the steak is good but almost double the price of chicken (9.80 LVL) and Seize for a wine because the price is right (eg pink Marques de Riscal 15 lats).

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