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The Flying Frog, a hidden gem in Riga!

Ieala Jersikas 31st

We love the phrase! When you see it written in any criticism out there, whether restaurant or hotel, put your beards to soak. It is the favorite expression of owners sleep at night and by day are dedicated to creating (or worse yet, to buy) profiles to amass a review after another on their premises.

But is that the Fyling Frog earned it. Although after several Latvians recommended to us, we find it in one of our typical hunter trips restaurants because we did not have in the typical pre-selection we always do before traveling after searching and reading reviews on all possible sources. Terrace Local crowded but not enough to not get a table. You can try the typical incoming Latvian, their “garlic bread”, pan fried in oil with garlic, but if there are four or more, is a dish that you can knock down hunger. And here it is better that you may keep a place in the stomach for steak, but chicken, burger or lasagna also give the trick!

If you follow our Smart Route, if when you come over here do not have the body to a hearty meal in the corner just beyond you indicate a site with a little more class, less fat and more glass of wine that you can serve with combined an appetizer plate that will rise from the place.

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