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Toresus in Uzupio street, 40

9 lits wine glass

Tores Restaurant, Uzupis 40, Republic of Uzupis to be exact. So reads the poster there just before crossing the river that separates this curious republic within a republic. His own constitution, its own laws and their own leaders. At this rate at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro the parade of athletes will run all weekend and how you do it in his famous Sambadrome and not tell you!

Returning to Tores, up the main street of this curious neighborhood, more for its history than anything else, you will come to this restaurant on your left. Although the wooden entrance you a little lazy, so that nothing happens inside. Sit in one of the tables on the terrace overlooking the park and although it is the view of the entire city, it’s worth a beer or glass of wine. When you bring the letter of the food, look at it with eyes of connoisseurs and give it back the way it came. Here local forest wanting to breathe quietly up for a drink, the food left for unsuspecting tourists, so the waitress will look at you with a face ready to be the class. And not suffer if it seems that going to bite you, do the same but I dejarais 100 pichingueiros of yours!

In any case, if you get tired of waiting for the waitress, which can happen, and you have rested enough, go down the same street where little went up into and right hand grab a small alley that would fear the worst villain of the Model and hurl you down. Reach the edge of the river where city kids get wet feet while his throat lubricated with beer. The funny thing is that the lower river clean and nice and almost makes you want to join them. Following the only way you will reach the first bridge and before crossing the same border will get to the second bridge, the start of Uzupis Street where you will see the bar of the same name with a terrace that runs the air if it is nice to have a beer. For lunch I recommend other sites, although occasional local’ll see sitting there …

Vilnius Tores restaurant Uzupis

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