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Bar pastry Hembygds

If you have planned going to the archipelago, your ferry will gone through Vaxholms. They call it the “door of the archipelago” and all tourists are tempted to stay here. The other islands inhabited sound like too little and always gives a little scary not knowing what they will find one … Hold on wanting to get off and go for an hour or more on the ferry to reach the island of Grinda. Worth not just be to continue enjoying the boat ride!

On his return, however, yes it’s worth stopping at Vaxholms (all ferries stop here). But watch out for the cost of the ticket because then you have no temptations to get off. There is no way to understand it but even a “stopover” if ye Grinda to Stockholm and you go down a bit in Vaxholms will cost almost double that if you go directly …

In any case, if you do not go just budget, give the little walk from the back of the Hembygds Vaxholms until a white wooden house with a garden facing the sea. His law pies like something out of a film of Saturday afternoon. But you can also eat salty if you prefer. In any case, the short time that I will spend sitting under an umbrella in your garden, it will be a good way to end the day in the archipelago.

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