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You already have the tickets booked and now you need to book the hotel. We don’t know why, but most people buy first the flight ticket and this already means that “you are travelling”. Next thing you’re probably going to book is your hotel. Does seeing an interminable list of hotels and not knowing which one to choose or which price is the right one bum you out? You start comparing in this website and in this other and in the hotel’s website and in a couple of forums and blogs and dinnertime arrives and you are still without a reservation. This makes you think, why is it so difficult to find a hotel?

In Way Away’s Trip Planner, you’ll find our Smart Choice Hotel, tried by our expert travellers and with a perfect balance between location, price and charm. And we also offer a Premium option and a Basic option.

But if the destination you want to travel is not available at Way Away’s website, for the moment, do not worry. We found that the hotel search usually have the best price and choice is Booking.

At Booking you can read the opinions of people and see what they liked most and least, and the score in terms of facilities, cleanliness, location, staff, comfort and value. Note that only those who have stayed in the hotel and booked through Booking can give your opinion on that hotel, this assures you that the views are from people who actually tried it.

For us, Booking is definitely the best site to book hotel and the site is easy to use, so you’ll have no problem.

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