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Johnny Jet Blogger Travelling around Argentina

– What is the most impressive place in the world you have ever been?
I’ve been to many but what first comes to mind is Iguazu Falls in South America. It’s on the Argentina and Brazil border. It’s just so amazing and huge that it makes Niagara Falls in North America look like a water fountain.

– What advice would you give to someone who wishes to travel there?
If you’re pressed for time, you could go do a day trip from Buenos Aires, Rio or Sao Paulo. However, it would be easiest from Buenos Aires since the Argentina side is the most developed with pathways and excursions. The Brazil side supposedly has the best views but one way to bypass a trip there and having to get a Brazilian visa, is by taking Argentina’s Iguazu Jungle Excursion (150 pesos per person = $40).

– What do you hate to forget in your suitcase?
I hate forgetting my battery charger(s).

– What would you say to those travellers who are afraid to travel on their own, and end up going to a travel agency even if they do not like taking part in organized tours?
Traveling by yourself is intimidating – at least just it is for most people who are just thinking about it before a trip. But once you do it you realize it’s so much more relaxing. You can do what you want, when you want and don’t have to compromise. If you want to find friends then stay in places where it’s easy to meet them like hostels.

Johnny Jet and his mom on plane to Frankfurt
– What kind of food have you tried on your travels and you found it delicious/surprising? Can you recommend us any place where to try it out?
My favourite foods are usually in Southeast Asia. I especially love the fruit like Mangosteens and Rambutans. Ummm Ummm!

– Finally, tell us something that happened to you travelling and that you will never forget!
My best travel memory was taking my mom to Europe. Here’s the story.

Thank you Johnny for your time answering the questions and thank you for the advises as a professional traveller.

You can follow their adventures at their blog:

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