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Suggested itinerary: Brazil in 3 weeks summer (jun-sep)

Day 1: Arrival in Rio de Janeiro

Arrival in Rio de Janeiro. The Smart Route will indicate you the best way to get from the airport to the city center. For the first day, we will give you a "botecos" tour (tapas bars), the  hottest locals in Leblon neighborhood. Night in Rio (in the Smart Route we will recommend you, for each city or town, the hotels and pousadas where to sleep depending on your price range).

Day 2: Rio beaches, Corcovado and Sugar Loaf

In the morning we suggest to do a route to enjoy and watch the atmosphere of Rio beaches (Ipanema, Leblon and Copacabana). After eating, we will show you how to get to the famous Corcovado to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Then climb to the Sugar Loaf to see the sunset and dine in the picturesque district of Urca. Night in Rio.

Day 3: Maracanã, Santa Teresa and the centre (Lapa)

In the morning, visit the most famous football stadium in the world, Maracanã. At noon, go to the bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa, we will indicate you its most emblematic restaurants. In the afternoon go down to the city center where you will see the most important buildings of the city, including the famous Metropolitan Cathedral. Night in Rio.

Day 4: Ilha Grande: the paths of Vila do Abraão

Very close to Rio, you will find the wonderful Ilha Grande, where the jungle meets the sea. The Smart Route will indicate you the best way to get to Ilha Grande from Rio and how to book it at the best price. In the afternoon, we propose a walk through the paths of Vila do Abraão. Night in Ilha Grande.

Day 5: Ilha Grande: Lopes Mendes beach

This day we recommend you to go to one of the most beautiful beaches in Ilha Grande. In the Smart Route we will show you  how to get there through the jungle (3h walk) or by boat. We also indicate the best areas for snorkeling at this beach. Night in Ilha Grande.

Day 6: Ilha Grande: boat trip around the island

This day we recommend a boat trip to visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the island which have difficult access by foot (as Parnaioca, Dois Rios or Cachadaço), and also do snorkeling in the wonderful Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul. Night in Ilha Grande.

Day 7: Paraty and Trindade: the Praias do Meio and Cachadaço

The Smart Route will explain you how to go from Ilha Grande to Paraty, the beautiful colonial village. We also show you how to get to Trindade to visit the beautiful Praia do Meio, Cachadaço Beach and Serra da Bocaina natural pool. Night in Paraty.

Day 8: Paraty: boat trip through the bay

Paraty Bay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. In the Smart Route we will indicate you the best way to do this excursion visiting the beautiful Praia da Lula and Ilha Vernelha. In the afternoon we will recommend you a route to visit the best of the village. Night in Paraty.

Day 9: Flight to Iguazu

Dedicate this day to get to Rio or Sao Paulo and take the flight to Foz do Iguaçu. The Smart Route will tell you how to get to each of these two cities and the best way to get from Foz airport to the city of Puerto Iguazu, where we recommend to stay. If the moon is full, do not fail to make a nocturnal visit to the falls. Night in Puerto Iguazu.

Day 10: Iguazu Falls from the Argentinean side

In the Trip Planner you will find how to visit the falls on your own. We also propose the best route to enjoy them to the fullest. Night in Puerto Iguazu.

Day 11: Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side

In the description of the route we will indicate you how to make the visit to the falls on the Brazilian side that, although much narrower, also deserve a visit. After the visit, take a flight to Manaus.

Day 12: Amazon I

The expedition to the Amazon River can not be done by your own. You need to stay at an eco-lodge and they are the ones who will organize trips on the river and the jungle. In the Smart Route you will find our recommended eco-lodges and how to reserve them at the best price. On this first day, you will be taken to the eco-lodge by boat. In the afternoon you will make a boat trip on the river watching the wildlife and visiting local villages. Night in the Amazon.

Day 13: Amazon II

This day you will do a walking tour through the jungle, where they will teach you the flora and fauna of the Amazon River. In the afternoon you will go fishing piranhas (and hopefully you will see pink dolphins on the way). At night go out to look for alligators. Night in the Amazon.

Day 14: Amazon III and Manaus

In the morning they will take you to visit an Indian village. After lunch, you will return to Manaus and they will lead you to your hotel. In the afternoon we will indicate you a route to see the best of Manaus. Night in Manaus.

Day 15: São Luís

Take a flight to São Luís. If you have time, you can visit the Calhau beach. Then, stroll through the historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. In the Smart Route you will find a walking itinerary to see its main buildings and our recommendations for dinner. Night in São Luís.

Day 16: From São Luis to Barreirinhas: Grandes Lençóis

The Smart Route will indicate you the best way to go from São Luís to Barreirinhas and how to make the trip to see the Grandes Lençóis, stopping to swim in the Lagoa dos Peixos and Lagoa Azul, where you can also see an amazing sunset. Night in Barreirinhas.

Day 17: Preguiça river: Caburé and Atins

Excursion by boat on the Preguiça river, stopping to see the Small Lençóis in Vassouras, climbing the Mandacaru lighthouse and stopping to eat in Caburé. The Smart Route will indicate you the best way to do this tour, how to get to the remote village of Atins and how to find the best restaurant in Atins (which is not easy ...). You will stay in Atins that night.

Day 18: Atins and Lençois Maraneses

Relaxing day in Atins, swimming, sunbathing or doing water sports. The Smart Route will also indicate you how to visit the park of Lençóis Maraneses and eat the famous Luzia prawns. Night in Atins.

Day 19: The Parnaiba Delta

For this day we will show you how to book a private transfer to Parnaíba Caburé (by public transport is impossible to do it in one day). Once in Parnaíba, take a trip through the Delta to enjoy its flora, fauna and views. Night in Parnaíba.

Day 20: From Parnaíba to Jeri through Tatajuba

Travel by 4x4 from Parnaíba to Jericoacoara, stopping along the way at Tatajuba dunes, Old Tatajuba Village and the Seahorses River. In the description of the route we will indicate you the best place to watch the sunset and the best places to dine in Jericoacoara. Night in Jericoacoara.

Day 21: Jericoacoara: the lagoons

This day we recommend you a buggy tour to visit the lagoons around Jeri. We will indicate you which ones are worth visiting and good places to eat in front of the sea. In the afternoon, go to see the Pedra Furada. Night in Jeri.

Day 22: Trip to Fortaleza and flight to Rio

The Smart Planner will tell you how to get from Jeri to Fortaleza airport. At this stage of the trip (and if you have time and money), you could consider to visit Fernando de Noronha in five days, one of the world's most heavenly islands. Otherwise, take a flight back to Rio. Night in Rio. 

Day 23: Rio and flight back home

If you have time before your flight's departure we recommend you to spend the morning visiting a favela and the Botanical Garden. The Smart Route will tell you how to do both things in the most safe way and how to move to the airport to take your flight back home.

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Brazil in 3 weeks summer (jun-sep)

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Jesús Catania of Spain traveled to Brazil
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