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Suggested itinerary: City Break Beijing in 6 days

Day 1: Arrival in Beijing

Arrive at Beijing International Airport. Walk through the centre of Beijing, stopping in Tiananmen Square and the large commercial street Wangfujing Dajie (Golden Street). Night in Beijing. 

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Day 2: Beijing-Forbidden City

Visit the Forbidden City. Visit Beighai Park and go up to the White Pagoda. Stroll down one of Beijing's Hutongs: Yandai Xiejie. Walk along and have dinner at Lake Quian Hai. Night in Beijing (we recommend renting a bicycle while in Beijing). 

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Day 3: The Great Wall

Day trip to the Great Wall (better in taxi or minibus than normal bus). Better to visit the Simatai section, as it caters less to tourists than Badalin, which will enable you to enjoy the visit much more. Night in Beijing. 

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Day 4: Beijing-Olympic Zone

Visit the majestic Summer Palace. Visit the Olympic Park, where you'll find the different buildings that housed the 2008 Olympics. Night in Beijing. 

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Day 5: Beijing-Tiananmen

Visit Tiananmen Square. Enter the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong and the Parliament. Visit the Temple of Confucius and Lama Temple. Visit the Temple of Heaven. Dinner on lively Sanlitum Street. Night in Beijing. 

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City Break Beijing in 6 days

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Albertina went to China

Albertina went to China
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Javier Hernani went to China

Javier Hernan iwent to China
"After the bike ride, as we descend the river in the bamboo boat, we witness the photographic report of these bride and groom.
Way-away has been very useful to me in organizing flights, high-speed trains and hotels"


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