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Suggested itinerary: Two weeks in Cuba

Day 1: Arrival to La Havana

Arrival to the Havana International Airport. In the Smart Route you will find the most convenient way to go from the airport to the city center. The first night, we recommend a stroll around Old Havana, have a mojito on the "Bodeguita del Medio", dine in a typical Cuban restaurant and then take a daiquiri in the famous "Floridita". Night in La Havana (in the Smart Route you will find our recommended hotels and where to book at the best price).

Day 2: Malecón, Vedado neighborhood and Old Havana.

For this day we suggest a route through the most emblematic areas of the city, from the boardwalk to the Vedado neighborhood, through the Revolution Square and Chinatown. For the afternoon we indicate a route to enjoy the best corners of Old Havana. Night in Havana.

Day 3: From La Havana to Viñales

Pick up your rental car and spend the morning visiting the most visited beach by Habaneros: Playa del Este. In the Smart Route you will find instructins to book the car at the best price and how to get from one place to another. At noon you can eat on the beach or visit the neighborhood of Miramar and Marina Hemingway. In the afternoon start the road to Viñales stoping at Pinar del Río. Night in Viñales.

Day 4: Cay Jutías

In the morning, take the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and uninhabited cays of Cuba, Cayo Jutías. On the way, you can visit the Cueva del Indio. In the afternoon start the road to Cayo Levisa, an island-cay unexploited for tourism (it only has one hotel) where you can enjoy the peacefullness of its beautiful beaches and seabeds. Night in Cayo Levisa.

Day 5: Cay Levisa and Cay Paraíso

This day we recommend you to relax on the beaches of Cayo Levisa, in where you will also be able to do snorkeling, diving, go fishing ... If it's possible, you can also take a trip to Cayo Paraiso. They say Ernest Hemingway  had a small shelter in where he used to go fishing and to write. Night in Cayo Levisa.

Day 6: Cienfuegos and Trinidad

Go back to Palma Rubia pier and take the car to Cienfuegos, stopping to see the most important points (the Jose Martí Park, the Paseo del Prado, Punta Gorda, El Palacio del Valle ...). After resting, continue to Trinidad. Once you leave your bags at the hotel, go visit the cobbled historic center. In the Smart Route we indicate you a good palate for dinner tonight. Night in Trinidad.

Day 7: Ancón beaches

Este día ir a las Playas de Ancón, una maravilla de arenas blancas y aguas cristalinas en pleno Mar Caribe. Además de relajaros en la playa, podéis hacer deportes acuáticos, snorquel… Noche en Trinidad. 

Day 8: Cay Coco

Exit from Trinidad to Cayo Coco. These days take it easy to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Night in Cayo Coco.

Day 9: Cay Coco

Relaxing day in Cayo Coco, exploring its wonderful beaches such as Las Coloradas, Flamencos or La Jaula. It is also a great place for water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving. Night in Cayo Coco.

Day 10: Cayo Guillermo

This day we recommend you to explore the wonderful Guillermo Key, which can be reached by car from Cayo Coco. In the Smart Route you will find the most convenient way to get there and to the wonderful Playa Pilar. Night in Cayo Coco.

Day 11: Camagüey

From Cayo Coco to Camagüey, one of the most important colonial cities in Cuba declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. In the Smart Route you will find how to get there and what you can not miss on this city. Night in Camagüey.

Day 12: Santiago de Cuba

In the Smart Route we indicate you how to go from Camaguey to Santiago de Cuba, Cuba's second city that preserves the pure Cuban style. We also indicate the places you can not miss, as Parque Céspedes and the Heredia street. Overnight in Santiago de Cuba.

Day 13: Baracoa

Driving to Baracoa by the road known as La Farola. This peculiar and winding road has 11 suspension bridges and its highest point is more than 600 meters above the sea level. In the Smart Route we indicate you how to get there and what you can not miss in Baracoa. Night in Baracoa.

Day 14: Baracoa

Enjoy Baracoa, visiting the popular Maguana beach and Humboldt National Park. Night in Baracoa. 

Day 15: Back to Havana

Take this day to come back to Havana. There are direct flights from Baracoa to Havana. Night in Havana. 

Day 16: Flight back home

If you have time before your flight back home, walk around your favorite area of Havana. In the Smart Route we indicate you how you get to the airport for your flight back home.

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Two weeks in Cuba

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Carlota went to Cuba

Carlota went to Cuba
"I didn't know how to organise a celebratory family trip and I believe my solution has been Way Away. Otherwise this trip would have made me fall into disripute as a mother!