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Suggested itinerary: Weekend in Granada

Day 1: Arrival in Granada

Arrival in Granada. Stroll through the Albaicín. Sunset and dinner in the Albaicín. Flamenco in the Sacromonte district. Night in Granada. 

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Day 2: Granada: La Alhambra

Visit La Alhambra of Granada and its Generalife. Tapas in Plaza Nueva and on Elvira Street. Walk through the historic centre visiting the Cathedral and the Alcaicería. Walk along Carrera del Darro street and Paseo de los Tristes. Walk through Realejo neighbourhood and eat dinner on one of its streets. Night in Granada. 

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Day 3: Back home

Walk through the cicty centre and the University area. Tapas in the centre. Flight back home.

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Weekend in Granada

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Remo of Italy went to Andalusia

Remo of Italy went to Andalusia
"Thanks to your route we haven't missed anything that we ought to have seen. We loved Andalusia, it's an open air museum"

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