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Our recommended destinations for Beach / Relax trips

  • Places to visit in Spain (what to do): visit Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, see the Alhambra in Granada and the Cordoba Mosque, eat "pinchos" in San Sebastian, make a pilgrimage to Santiago, enjoy wine, tapas and good eating in Spain...
  • Cost of travel in Spain (budget including lodging, food, domestic travel, activities...): around €1,500 - £1,300 per person in a two-week trip, plus the price of the air ticket.
  • When to go to Spain (when to travel): spring and autumn. 
  • What to do in Fernando de Noronha (things to do): relax on marvelous beaches like do Sancho Bay, to snorkel in natural pools and look Talaia marine torugas East Bay, see the sunset in Praia Conceicao , watch the dolphins jumping Golfinhos Bay, diving with bottle, surfing ...
  • Budget travel to Fernando de Noronha (estimating all expenses): for a one-week trip, estimate € 1,000 per person plus the cost of international ticket (€ 550-650).
  • Best time to travel to Fernando de Noronha: June to October.
  • What to do in Northern Brasil (things to do): Browse Lençois Maraneses dunes and swim in its lagoons, visit the bustling town Jericoacaoara surfer and Atins hidden village, explore the Parnaíba Delta ...
  • Budget for touring Northern Brazil (estimating all expenses): for a 1 week trip, estimate € 900 per person plus the cost of international ticket (€ 650-750).
  • Best time to travel to the North of Brazil: June to September
  • What to do in Bay (things to do): visit Salvador, to hike or drive through the National Park of Chapada Diamantina, relax on the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo and Ilha Boipeba, see sea turtles in Praia do Forte ....
  • Budget travel Bay (estimating all expenses): for a 2 week trip, estimate € 1,100 per person plus the cost of international ticket (€ 550-650).
  • Best time to travel to Bahía: from October to March.
  • What to see in Thailand and Cambodia (things to do): visit the channels, temples and bangkok markets , explore the islands of the Andaman Sea ( Phi Phi ) and the Gulf of Thailand ( Koh Phangan , Koh Samui ), relax in Railaybeach,  take a diving course in Koh Tao , treks through the jungle in Chiang Mai, wander through the ruins of Ayutthaya...
  • Budget to travel toThailand and Cambodia (estimating all expenses): for a two-week trip estimate around 1.200€-1.500€ per person plus the flight ticket (aprox. 550-750€).
  •  Best time to travel to Thailand and Cambodia: from november to february.